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Post Thanksgiving Potluck
carrie Posted at 2012/10/25 2:07pm reply to

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I've talked with a couple of people who are interested in a post Thanksgiving "leftovers" potluck happening (Though I would probably bring a fresh dish - because sharing eaten off of leftovers in a group setting skeeves me out a bit. Am I alone in this thinking?)

Would anyone be willing to host such a potluck? I would, but our apartment is teeny tiny.

Anyone anyone?

Angie V. Posted at 2012/10/25 8:31pm reply to

Angie V.
Posts: 88
What about Adrienne's annual Trance-Giving potluck? It's usually the weekend after Thanksgiving, at a public park/location, with music.

I assume it's happening this year, but haven't heard anything. This would be the 8th year (the longest running vegan potluck event in Austin!).

nae Posted at 2012/10/26 11:42am reply to

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I'm thinking about doing a potluck at my place. I was planning to do one on Thanksgiving but I could be convinced to either change the date or do two happy I have enough space to comfortably fit 12 at tables or I could easily cram more people on couches and coffee tables happy

When would people want to do a post thanksgiving potluck? Also, would people be interested in a thanksgiving day potluck?
carrie Posted at 2012/10/26 11:51am reply to

Posts: 786
I myself am obligated to celebrate Thanksgiving with family the day of. I'm sure a few people are. For that reason, I would prefer a post Thanksgiving potluck. But I certainly don't want to force you to change the day of your potluck if you don't want to.

Anyone else interested in a post Thanksgiving potluck?
Jessica. Posted at 2012/11/05 9:25pm reply to

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We'd try to attend! I think we'll be in town this year.
peter Posted at 2012/11/13 6:11pm reply to

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Sorry for not posting earlier. Nae is going to do her event on the day of - I'll see if I can get a link - but I'm than willing to have another one by us either before or after. So someone please volunteer to host! It's kind of a VRA tradition, is it not?

EDIT: Nae's Thanksgiving event is here, for those who will be in town with nowhere else to go.
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