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Halloween Party
carrie Posted at 2012/10/17 12:22pm reply to

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As of yet, I don't think we have anything in the works for a Halloween Party. I propose that we all go as a group to the party that MonkeyWrench Books is throwing. I know there will be vegan treats and beer there. It's a fundraiser  for the store. It's $7.00 if you are wearing a costume and $10.00 if you are not wearing a costume. Here's the fb event for their party. I will be there regardless. You guys should come to!
Kristen Posted at 2012/10/17 8:24pm reply to

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Capital City Bakery is having a party from 3-6pm, too! I'll be making a special menu of Halloween themed treats, including caramel apples!

Please swing by and support small business <3
Cassandra Posted at 2012/10/21 10:31pm reply to

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The MonkeyWrench Halloween Benefit party is at 10pm that night, so people will have plenty of time if they want to attend both events.
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