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Sinfull Bakery expands to Austin
Dylanleigh Posted at 2012/09/18 4:41pm reply to

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Sinfull Bakery is Houston first and only 100% smavegan bakery and we are trying to expand to Austin but we need all the help we can get. We are gather all the information we can in regards of suggestions of coffee houses, local grocery stores, and other places that vegan baked goods are needed. For Austin we are focusing on bringing our jumbo single packaged cookies and The Everything bar. If you have any suggestions of places we would love to know. Thanks!
mollyjade Posted at 2012/09/18 8:15pm reply to

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There are already a lot of vegan bakeries selling at local coffee shops, so it might be a tough market to break into. There's Happy Vegan Bakery, Red Rabbit Bakery, Celeste's Best, and Capital City selling at coffees shops. Not to mention Sugar Tooth, Whole Foods, Wildwood Art Cafe, Cap City, Wheatsville, and Mr. Natural, which all have big selections of vegan baked goods at their outlets.

And now I feel spoiled.
Ross Posted at 2012/09/19 2:06pm reply to

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That said, there are still a lot of coffee shops, a good portion of the more progressive ones are indeed selling vegan goods already. Personally, I'd love to see some Sinfull stuff showing up in town though awesome
kayla Posted at 2012/09/19 5:24pm reply to

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I would check out the Royal Blue and Wet Whistle convenience stores, as well as Bennu Coffee Shop and Bouldin Creek. I'm sure there are more...
peter Posted at 2012/09/19 7:59pm reply to

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Bennu already has Happy Vegan Baker, and Bouldin has some baked good as well (though I'm not sure from where), if I'm not mistaken. Those other places may sound like good spots to try, though.
mollyjade Posted at 2012/09/19 9:56pm reply to

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Wet Whistle has both Sugar Tooth and Red Rabbit, but the owner is trying really hard to be vegan-friendly, so she might be open to another vegan baker. Bennu has Happy Vegan Bakery items. Bouldin gets most of their baked goods from outside vendors, and I think they work with multiple vendors. The Hyde Park Market also doesn't seem to mind carrying duplicate items, and they're really vegan friendly, too. Kerbey Lane has some vegan baked goods, but they're not very good, so they might be open to a new vendor.

Places that I can think of that don't carry vegan baked goods yet: Epoch Coffee, Flight Path Coffee, Galaxy Cafe (has a vegan menu), Kick Butt Coffee, Irie Bean, Mystic Java (they have vegan menu items, but I think no vegan baked goods), and Austin Java (opening an all vegetarian location soon).
kayla Posted at 2012/09/20 8:50am reply to

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I suggested Bennu, etc because they are open to carrying vegan items. I would also check out Cherrywood Coffee.
Jacob Posted at 2012/09/20 3:33pm reply to

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Is it just me, or is it weird how much easier it is to get vegan desserts at coffee shops than at restaurants?
lazy smurf Posted at 2012/09/20 4:17pm reply to

lazy smurf
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Strange Brew on Manchacha really needs some vegan goodies imo. Also I have a big list of places that are vegan friendly on my blog, it might help
erick Posted at 2012/09/21 11:25am reply to

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The last time I was at Progress Coffee on 5th, they had no vegan baked goods at all. So they might be worth talking to.

Also Bennu does carry some stuff from Happy Vegan Baker, but not a lot, basically gluten free cupcakes. It would be great if they carried more vegan stuff (not sure why they don't.)

Houndstooth Coffee near Lamar and 42nd St doesn't much baked goods at all, and they only have Red Rabbit vegan donuts Friday though Sunday. It would be great to have more vegan baked goods there.
ElectraMourning Posted at 2012/09/22 8:29pm reply to

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It would be fantastic to see more vegan friendly food in North Austin.  I live and work near Parmer/MoPac, and most of the coffee shops and restaurants in that area don't stock vegan goods, even though there is a vegan culture.

Good luck with the expansion!
KatieB Posted at 2012/10/02 9:24am reply to

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I agree^.  I'm in the NW area as well and there are very little vegan treats to be found in this area.

Try The Daily Grind, Caffe Yolly, Johnny Beans, Scooter's Coffehouse, & The Java Bar.
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