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Chomp Cookies
pete Posted at 2006/04/22 2:08pm reply to

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When I was at Eco-Wise in South Austin yesterday to fill up on B99 biodiesel (comparably priced at $2.84/gal), I came across these cookies at the counter. They are a line of vegan cookies made without sugar, by a *local* company called Great Life. The package listed their address right on South Lamar! When I inquired about this to the woman at the register, she said they were made by a friend of hers.

The cookies themselves are OK, but they're worth noting just because the company is local, vegan, and they are made with some organic ingredients. Have any of you other guys heard about these cookies or the companies that make them? has more info.
SarahLynn Posted at 2006/04/22 2:37pm reply to

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They are pretty good. They sell them at Wheatsville and the Daily Juice I am pretty sure.
Gabriel Posted at 2006/04/22 3:17pm reply to

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Oh, I was just looking at those the other day.  Had no idea they were local!  We live in the best fucking town! happy
Ross Posted at 2006/04/22 5:35pm reply to

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actually i think that's what we all ate courtesy of chrisb last night during silent hill. am i right chris?
Ripe Tomato Posted at 2007/06/11 3:04pm reply to

Ripe Tomato
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The owners of the company, Brian Kudler and Janet Daum, also run Living Arts Bakery at the Sunset Valley Farmers' Market, which offer a variety of vegan, ovo-lacto and omni foods.  They are great people, and they're tapping into other areas like raw and gluten free.  They've recently started making raw truffles that are amazing!

I love the Almond Coco Nutz, but my (omni) boyfriend's favorite is the Trippin' Chip.
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