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Recommended dietitian?
mandycoot Posted at 2012/06/20 8:39am reply to

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Can anyone recommend an RD who is both vegan friendly and experienced with celiac disease? Bonus points if they have pediatric nutrition specialties.

Our baby will be starting solids soon and I have quite a few celiacs in my family, so I'd like to talk with someone about if, when, and how to introduce gluten. I'd prefer an RD but will consider nutritionists.

Any personal advice or experience with this issue is welcome as well!
mollyjade Posted at 2012/06/21 9:31am reply to

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Mandycoot, if you can't get a more specific recommendation from someone, I do have a nutrition practice that I like a lot. I don't know about their experience with celiac disease though.
mandycoot Posted at 2012/06/23 1:28pm reply to

Posts: 25
Molly, if you don't mind we'd love the info! Any recommendations are great, really.
BizarroNinja Posted at 2012/06/23 5:18pm reply to

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Hi, I would also like the information, if you don't mind. Thanks!
weigand Posted at 2012/06/24 10:37pm reply to

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You could try seeking out Dina Aronson (MS, RD) on the web and ask her if she knows of anyone nearby. Or you can get her advice directly, if you don't mind the fact that she's in New Jersey. She's at, she's authored papers at, she's authored some vegan nutrition books, and she has her own business as a meal planning consultant and nutritionist. I know her from a vegan mailing list I used to be on where she used to talk about vegan nutrition. Very nice person and knows her stuff.

Email contact might be: dina.aronson at

- Steve
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