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mickey Posted at 2012/06/19 10:35am reply to

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If you use the website or mobile app HappyCow, you may be interested to learn that they've changed their policies on listing restaurants. Last night I had dinner at PhoNatic on Anderson Ln. I love this place, and regularly have the number 601 pho which is in an all-vegetable broth. The manager did inform me that I need to be sure to order it with plain, not fried, tofu as they use the same oil to fry their shrimp. I decided to go home and share this information through the HappyCow website but learned that they've decided to start blocking the additions of any restaurants that also serve meat (for some reason, especially beef). I'm not a fan of this new policy as I haven't divorced myself from dinners out with friends who don't share my dietary habits, among other reasons. Just thought I'd share this. If you're a HappyCow user, you can register your thoughts on this policy at their website.
Josh xvx Topic Posted at 2012/06/19 11:45am reply to

Josh xvx Topic
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interesting. I guess it just depends on what you use that site for. Personally i only use it when i travel to find the awesome local vegan/vegetarian spots that i can't find in other parts of the country, so i actually get annoyed filtering out the "veg friendly" places for that. I could see though if you use happy cow for more hometown choices that are veg friendly than this change is no good. If you don't like that change i would take the advice above and make it known. I'm good either way as i can just keep filtering. happy
mollyjade Posted at 2012/06/19 1:47pm reply to

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I think this is an old policy. At least, it was in place a few years ago when I first signed up. They generally only allow places that also serve meat if it's in a town where there aren't any veg restaurants at all.

And I think the beef thing is because it's called Happy *Cow*.

Here are the guidelines on veg-friendly restaurants:
HappyCow Posted at 2012/06/19 3:20pm reply to

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Hi guys-

mickey, mollyjade is right, no new policy.  If you read the guidelines thru you'll see that we are not trying to block decent veg-friendly places from being added. We have just made the process this way to get some people to stop, think, and force them to read.

We previously received a TON of very un-veg-friendly listing submissions daily and this took much of our limited time to research.
Just saying we require something to effect of "at least 60% veg" didn't work. Nor did sending people straight to our guidelines page.

The language we use in is a work-in-progress (just made some changes recently) and we welcome your suggestions to improve it.

As the guidelines suggest, it's a case by case thing.

If you think the place you wish you list should be listed, please explain why (using the online form) and we will consider it.

Peace, eric :o)
Ross Posted at 2012/06/19 7:44pm reply to

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Thanks for coming by to clarify, Eric! happy
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