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Austin Walk for Farm Animals Oct 27 2012
fourthcanal Posted at 2012/06/11 4:41pm reply to

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Hi everyone!

I am planning an event here in Austin that may be of interest to all of you.  It is a "walkathon" type fundraiser called the Walk for Farm
Animals, and it benefits the national non-profit organization Farm
Sanctuary.  It will be held on October 27th at Pease Park, it is
family/pet friendly, and there will be vegan food, raffle prizes, live
music, and vegan/vegetarian camaraderie.

This is the first year for Austin
to have a walk, so there is not much awareness about it yet.  Does anyone have any ideas of how I can promote the event?  Is there a place I can announce it here, or a way to get it on the calendar of events?

Thanks so much in advance for your help, and I hope to see you walking with me on Oct 27!

fourthcanal Posted at 2012/06/11 4:52pm reply to

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I figured out how to post the event on the calendar!  If anyone is interested in details or volunteering, please let me know!
Georgeous Posted at 2012/06/12 8:11pm reply to

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Haven't we had a Farm Sanctuary Walk for Animals for the past several years? I even have a tshirt from one two or three years ago.
fourthcanal Posted at 2012/06/20 11:34am reply to

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Apparently there was a Walk in Austin in 2009, but not before or after that.  (The national coordinators told me they stand corrected).  I am relatively new to Austin  so I was unaware.  Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

I am glad we are bringing it back, and I hope it's for good!
fourthcanal Posted at 2012/06/20 2:21pm reply to

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Oops, I was corrected again - there was also a walk in 2007.  

I was told that last year they started running the Walk program in the current format, so this year's event in Austin will be new and different to anyone who participated in the past.
Georgeous Posted at 2012/07/10 3:17pm reply to

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I wish that Farm Sanctuary would do more to help the other sanctuaries who re-home their animals. I work with a local sanctuary that has taken in several of Farm Sanctuary's rescues, only to foot the bill for their entire care for the remainder of their lives. For being a nationally supported organization getting donations from all sides, it saddens me that they don't do more for those who help them. I won't be participating in this walk or any future ones until they step up to do more to remedy this. Instead, I will continue to spend my time and donations locally, where they are needed more.
fourthcanal Posted at 2012/07/12 5:51pm reply to

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I'm sorry to hear that you feel that way about Farm Sanctuary, but I
am glad you are supporting our local sanctuary.  I am sure they could
also really use the help.  Is the one you are working with Sunny
Day Farms?  I would like to know so I can help them as well.  It is
unfortunate that there are so many farm animals in need across the
nation, and Farm Sanctuary certainly can't fix this problem by

I don't work on-site with Farm Sanctuary, I am just a local volunteer-
but I understand there is a lot to do.  They spend massive amounts of
money to do the rescues, to get the animals healthy and ready to be
adopted, and to transport them to new homes. They pay for spays,
neuters, etc. for every one.  They also promote the fact that the
animals are going to those various shelters. They also take animals
from other rescues by other organizations as well, and they do not
expect money to do so- even though they care for over 1,000 animals
annually without counting any of the new rescues that they do on top
of this.

All of the animals stay at Farm Sanctuary until someone is found to
adopt them.  When someone adopts an animal, what they are in effect
saying is that they will be fully responsible for the care of that
animal for as long as that animal lives. That goes for farm animals
adopted from us, cats and dogs who are adopted from SPCAs, and even
human babies adopted from agencies. Farm Sanctuary doesn't help pay
for an animal who has been adopted by another organization, as their
policies are the same as any other adoption. In their Adoption FAQ
they address who will be responsible for the care of the animal, and
they also check the financial status of people who apply to adopt.
They also do what they can to facilitate the adoption process - for
example, with the pigs from Iowa, they helped purchase barns, fencing
etc. so people could take the pigs in.

I hope you will reconsider your views of Farm Sanctuary, and I am
really glad you are helping the animals near us.  Like I said, I would
love to help them too!  Please feel free to PM me their info  happy
AustinVegLiving Posted at 2013/01/07 7:06pm reply to

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Where can we find the official photos?  I heard the mini-horse "won".
fourthcanal Posted at 2013/01/07 7:37pm reply to

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Hey - unfortunately it looks like they don't have a dedicated page for viewing the Austin photos alone on the Walk website, but there is one on our Facebook page

Also, if you go to the main Walk page and scroll down, there are some photos of the Austin walk dispersed among all of the "event photos"

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