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Mean Vegans
TK Posted at 2012/06/07 5:01pm reply to

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From the Intelligencer page my  New York Magazine today:

Vegans you don't want to mess with

My favorite:
Kicks people in the groin for pay. Soaks his own chia.

I didn't know Timothy Bradley was vegan, hope he wins this weekend
UTexasMark Posted at 2012/06/07 5:53pm reply to

Posts: 378
I was already thinking about watching the fight, but now that settled the issue.  I even know who to root for.
Iron Clad Ben Posted at 2012/06/08 10:53am reply to

Iron Clad Ben
Posts: 189
I rarely watch sports anymore, and I'm really not into violence at all either.  But I kinda want to see this fight.  Like maybe we could have an impromptu VRA guys night at a bar that is showing the fight?
weigand Posted at 2012/06/08 12:40pm reply to

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I dig that dude, Mac Danzig. He's had some setbacks recently and is probably approaching retirement age for an MMA fighter, but he won his last fights and seems to have made a lot of progress in improving his fighting style. He's much more aggressive now, and he has put on some muscle since the early days on the Ultimate Fighter TV series. He's known as a "thinking" fighter. Very analytical. That's what I liked about the guy. There's more to MMA than meets the eye. It requires split second quick thinking to select just the right technique and do it properly, all while someone is coming full force at you. It's very much a mental game as well as a physical one.

- Steve
weigand Posted at 2012/06/10 12:51am reply to

Posts: 539
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