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andrewk390 Posted at 2012/04/21 3:55am reply to

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My wife and I are new to Austin (moving back after six years) and need a new doctor for our 21-month-old child. Does anyone have any suggestions for any vegan-friendly pediatricians in North Austin? By the way, I am very excited about this group. It is such a great resource.
Ross Posted at 2012/04/21 12:01pm reply to

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We definitely have a couple parents around here, hope they can provide some insight happy

And welcome!! glad to have ya!
j1 Posted at 2012/04/23 5:07pm reply to

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My baby mama and kids are vegetarian and not vegan. Our pediatrician is Dr. Bocchicchicio ( He's 100% supportive of our kids being vegetarian. I think he would be a little critical of small children being vegan, but I could be wrong. I think he's a great pediatrician.
andrewk390 Posted at 2012/04/24 12:21am reply to

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Thank you for the lead. I appreciate that.
jen Posted at 2012/04/24 10:31pm reply to

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we go to dr. rane with northwest pediatrics and adolescents off of braker lane.  she was recommended to us by other vegan parents and we absolutely love her.  she is not vegan, but is supportive of us being vegan and she is just plain smart.  we did see another dr. there once and did not like her very much, so make sure and request dr. rane if you go there :-)
mandycoot Posted at 2012/04/25 2:44pm reply to

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We see Dr. Trester at Central Family Practice. They have a good blend of Eastern and Western medicine, and totally fine with our vegan 3-month-old. The one downside is that they don't take insurance, but do try to keep prices low. Our last office visit was $75, I believe.
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