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Plant-based diet support group
karenarl Posted at 2012/03/14 11:07am reply to

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Hi all,
I realized that there is a need for a plant-based diet support group that offers practical recommendations as well as the group support.  If you are struggling to maintain your weight, wanting to lose weight, feeling the challenges of eating this way and could just use some support and ideas/ or share support and ideas- please join us!! By the way- this group is free happy

Please make sure to find us on Facebook: at

or on Meetup:

I would love to hear ideas and requests for meeting topics, places and speakers.  Please message me on any of these websites for more info.
VegaTexan Posted at 2012/04/06 10:25pm reply to

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Hey Karenarl,

I suggest me as a possible speaker.
I would love to visit Austin again soon (I was there for TexVegFest).

A couple of weeks ago I gave a talk to a Buddhist group about superfoods and ultimate plant based nutrition.  I learned quite a bit about free radicals, antioxidants, omega three DHA, etc. in doing research for this workshop.

Check out my profile, I've been a speaker for the Farm Animal Rights Movement, Farm Sanctuary and other groups.

President, Vegetarian Society of El Paso

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