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Vegan Shoes for Men
Veggielina Posted at 2012/01/06 3:49pm reply to

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My husband would like to trade in his leather boots (which are worn and falling apart!) for a pair of vegan combat boots or a similar shoe. I've looked online, but haven't had much luck.

Does anyone know of a vegan shoe store where we can find something affordable? Or better yet, do you know of a store here in Austin that might carry something like this?
jacinda77 Posted at 2012/01/19 11:37pm reply to

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Hey there! You should try these places! Of course combat boots aren't ever really cheap anyway. Although, I lucked out and found some man-made ones at Goodwill once.

Also, I don't know what kind of style your guy has but this is a cool site, for vegan guys:

But as for IN Austin, you just have to look around and read a bunch of labels for the most partangry
Not Wes Posted at 2012/01/20 1:58am reply to

Not Wes
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I'm not sure if they are available locally, but vegan Docs made their return a couple months ago. Not exactly affordable, but I'm glad they are making them again.

I've had some luck finding work boots at Payless. Just look under the tongue for the material list. Maybe they have a combat style, too.

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