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Need a running buddy?
Georgeous Posted at 2011/11/07 1:22pm reply to

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We have been fostering this pup for several weeks now, but there are no hopes of us permanently adopting him. Our cat will not stop harassing him, and she's been a member of our family for 5+ years.
Please feel free to repost this link wherever you'd like. We need to find him a home ASAP. We really don't want to take him to the shelter, but none of the local rescues we've contacted will take him since he currently has a foster home.
Ross Posted at 2011/11/07 1:35pm reply to

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just posted it on my fb!
gurujesse Posted at 2011/11/16 9:33pm reply to

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He still around?  Would be a perfect addition to my home!  I have a jack russell/ blue heeler mix who needs a like-sized, equally energetic fellow trouble maker.  
peter Posted at 2011/11/17 11:30am reply to

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I believe that he has actually found a home. We should keep you in mind, though, if we see any more dogs that are similar to this one that need to be adopted.
Georgeous Posted at 2011/11/26 11:04am reply to

Posts: 295
Sorry for the delayed reply, I don't check this consistently.
Yup, Row has found a new home? I think I may have already talked to you via email, but just in case- if for some reason Row doesn't work out with his new family, I'll definitely let you know.
anielirtley Posted at 2019/04/23 2:14am reply to

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