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Chipotle pinto beans
weigand Posted at 2011/08/18 3:22pm reply to

Posts: 539
Just saw this today...

"Chipotle has always advised vegetarian and vegan customers to avoid pinto beans on its website. The beans are cooked with "a small amount of bacon," unlike the Mexican chain's black beans, which are vegan. But in-store menus do not indicate the porkiness of the pinto, and Chipotle's burrito assemblers are instructed to inform customers of the bacon inclusion only if they order a burrito without other meat.
- Steve
Ross Posted at 2011/08/18 3:24pm reply to

Posts: 4574
I think some sort of visual cue would indeed be nice, but they have always been up front about the black beans being the veggie-friendly ones.
Not Wes Posted at 2011/08/18 3:32pm reply to

Not Wes
Posts: 611
I thought that was common knowlegde. Maybe people unfamiliar w/ Mexican food wouldn't know to be on-guard about lard.
weigand Posted at 2011/08/18 5:01pm reply to

Posts: 539
Yeah, I always ask about lard in the beans and butter in the rice when going to Mexican restaurants. I never went to Chipotle before, and I almost never go to any Mexican restaurants for that matter. I've actually had more success finding vegan food in restaurants in Mexico than I've had in Mexican restaurants in the U.S.

- Steve
eli2ab3th Posted at 2011/08/19 12:05am reply to

Posts: 70
Steve, you need to ask about chicken stock in the rice too!

A lot of restaurants in Mexico can't afford lard! But they can in the US. Also, health foods/vegetarianism has been on the rise for over a decade in Mexico (there were veg restaurants and health food stores in every city I went to when I was there 10 years ago).
mollyjade Posted at 2011/08/19 10:28am reply to

Posts: 447
Yeah, I don't get the fuss about this. It's not marked on the menu, but it's not marked as vegetarian either. As someone who formerly ate meat but not pork, I always knew to ask about beans at restaurants.
Daniela Posted at 2011/08/19 4:35pm reply to

Posts: 396
kinda worried that when they label the pinto beans as having bacon, more people will get them. bacon loving hipsters can kiss my vegan ass!
Quintessence Posted at 2012/11/22 3:40pm reply to

Posts: 4
I'm glad this was exposed, because I had been uninitiated to this open secret about those beans, and I never cared before as I had only recently become a serious vegetarian and then shortly later a vegan.  Good to know.
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