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Vegan food in St. Louis
KateS Posted at 2011/06/24 7:58am reply to

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I'm going there in a month.  Anyone know of yummy vegan places to check out while I'm there?
Ross Posted at 2011/06/24 8:03am reply to

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We should have a visitor in town from St. Louis at the Conscious Cravings meetup happy You could ask her for some tips
LonestarRanger Posted at 2011/07/04 11:30am reply to

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I visit family in St. Louis every so often, but I haven't seen much of a vegan scene there.  A few places I have been to:

Pi Pizza ( has vegan pizza as well as cookies. I think that the Schlafly Taproom has vegan pizza as well.  I know they have match meat there.  

I always check out urban spoon as a starting point, then spread out from there.
veganbicyclist Posted at 2011/07/04 8:13pm reply to

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While it has nothing to do with food, I have to throw out there: The single greatest place in the US is in Saint Louis: City Museum.  I couldn't believe such a place existed.  You must go.
jacinda77 Posted at 2011/07/08 10:43pm reply to

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I was thinking about moving there temporarily to be close to my Mom but thankfully I didn't do it. I was prepping by looking things up here if this helps:[]=vegan&list[]=vegetarian&list[]=friendly&list[]=store&address=st+louis%2C+mo&image2.x=0&image2.y=0&image2=Go
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