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VRA + Freebirds Vegan Challenge!
Ross Posted at 2011/05/10 2:08pm reply to

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Thanks for stopping by Annette! happy

Some other suggestions I got from folks last night were portabello mushrooms, tempeh, scrambled tofu.

I think veggie chorizo could be amazing too. Ground seitan 'n onions as well. nom nom
mickshan Posted at 2011/05/12 6:32am reply to

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>But yes, I've actually been speaking with them about the tortillas and right now they still use the same ones which only the wheat is not vegan. <

Well, now that you and Peter have confirmed that it strengthens my desire to see Freebirds offer brown rice as a filling option. Even "wheat" tortillas aren't actually whole wheat.
mickshan Posted at 2011/05/12 6:34am reply to

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>I'm really happy with how they are now too.  I'm not sure how cost effective Daiya or fake meats would be.  I don't feel any need for either on their burritos, though a sausage/meat crumble thing could be interesting.

Agree! I'd rather have an upgraded version of what they serve now (better grilled veggies, brown rice, better lettuce) than see a bunch of analog junk invade the place.
celeste Posted at 2011/05/14 4:42pm reply to

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I love analog junk.
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