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Powdered Soy Milk?
apryl_knight Posted at 2011/02/23 7:22pm reply to

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Does anyone know if someplace in Austin carries powdered soy milk in bulk (Wheatsville, Whole Foods, Sprouts, etc.)?  Alternatively, can anyone tell me who sells the canisters cheapest?

peter Posted at 2011/02/23 10:50pm reply to

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  I believe I saw it at some point, but I'm not sure where.  I'd be surprised if the health food stores didn't carry it.
mollyjade Posted at 2011/02/24 10:39am reply to

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I think I've seen it at both Wheatsville and the Gateway Whole Foods. And if the Gateway store has it, and I'm sure the Lamar Whole Foods does, too.
weigand Posted at 2011/02/24 9:54pm reply to

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Yeah I think I've seen it in the Gateway Whole Foods in the section with the egg replacer, seasonings, flour, etc. Or maybe I'm thinking of condensed soy milk, which I believe is different from powdered soy milk.

You can probably get it cheapest online at someplace like They're selling it for $4.92 for a 20oz supply of NOW Foods Soy Milk Powder. people said they preferred "Better Than Milk" soy powder, but it looks a lot more expensive.

- Steve
carrie Posted at 2011/02/25 12:54am reply to

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I've purchased it from the bulk bins at either Wheatsville or Whole Foods Lamar.
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