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Valentine's Day
MainstreamVegan Posted at 2011/02/08 11:53pm reply to

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I'm trying to figure out somewhere to go on a nice-ish dinner for Valentine's Day. Austin has great vegan food, but it's all so casual. The person that I'm going to dinner with is not vegan, but open to eating veg. Clay Pit is usually my default restaurant because I feel like it's one of the few places with a mix of veg and non-veg options.

I'd appreciate any input!
Daniela Posted at 2011/02/09 11:51am reply to

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Chef Sue of Counter Culture is catering a classy vegan dinner at US Art Authority (next to Spiderhouse) for two. Plus, there's wine/champagne and music!

LonestarRanger Posted at 2011/02/09 12:27pm reply to

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Jasper's in the Domain is a good choice for a really fancy dinner.  Though they don't list any vegan/veg stuff on the menu, Chef Rathbun can whip up quite a tasty vegan dish upon request.  
jen Posted at 2011/02/09 4:07pm reply to

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la condesa on 2nd made me an awesome and really creative vegan meal:
carrie Posted at 2011/02/13 9:34pm reply to

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I noticed the Steeping Room at the Domain is offering a special V Day fixed price menu. It's 25 dollars a person, but it includes everything from drinks to desserts - I think. They have a vegan option on everything too. (not sure about the alcohol) It looked good to me.
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