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MainstreamVegan Posted at 2011/01/31 10:51pm reply to

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What kind of luck has everyone had at Z'Tejas? They seem to have a one vegan option on the vegetarian menu. I know it's not an ideal Mexican place but some friends want to go there and I'd like to eat something but chips and salsa.
Not Wes Posted at 2011/01/31 10:58pm reply to

Not Wes
Posts: 611
I had to go with coworkers before. There are a couple entrees that can be sans cheese on the separate veg menu. Not my kind of joint personally, but I give them props for labeling 'vegan'.
Ross Posted at 2011/01/31 11:42pm reply to

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Yeah I remember getting something like maybe enchiladas when i went several years ago. I called beforehand and made sure what I could have and though it wasn't incredible, it worked. (Def better than only chips and salsa)
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