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Child Care options?
roamingvegan Posted at 2011/01/24 9:01pm reply to

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Does any one else have any vegan kids in child care of some kind? I thought I found a promising day care, but upon further investigation it's not as great as I was hoping. Beyond vegan-friendly, I'm hoping to find a place that is aware of the rising concerns about toxic substances in every products such as fragrances, cleaners, etc, and GMOs / pesticides, BPA in certain food products, etc. I talked to another vegan mommy about home day cares, I am going to look into that. Any other first-hand experiences / advice would be great! North Austin area, btw. Thanks!!
Robin Posted at 2011/01/25 8:35am reply to

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I have a 4 year old in a 3 hour preschool, and she brings her own food.  HOWEVER, we were in a mama formed co-op and there were 3 other vegan families as well as omnis.  We all decided about cleaning products, toys, food, etc.  My advice to you is to try and find or form yourself a sort of co-op so you have a direct say in what happens.  Of course, you could try The joyful garden, I hear they have a good rep for that kind of thing.  
roamingvegan Posted at 2011/01/26 11:25am reply to

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Thanks, Robin. I've also considered co-ops. I'm still going to look into that. I tried looking up The Joyful Garden and couldn't find anything other than asian restaurants. ?

I've also been looking at Montessori schools, where your kid brings their own lunch. I have to keep looking... the two that I have visited so far have such strong perfume smells. The day care I thought I liked, that ended up not being very vegan-friendly, at least had a no-fragrance policy (well, no perfumes and no air fresheners). I wish that was common practice.

Thanks again!
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