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SanMarcos Professor Writes Vegan Article
Fukuoka Posted at 2011/01/10 1:11pm reply to

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Ross Posted at 2011/01/10 5:36pm reply to

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nice!! thanks for posting happy
Elle Posted at 2011/01/10 10:24pm reply to

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I'm always fascinated by the comments against veganism.

I second the thanks! happy
Craig? Posted at 2011/01/11 3:53pm reply to

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very cool indeed!  I posted it on facebook as well.
VeganBrian Posted at 2011/03/04 11:29am reply to

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Great post, thanks!
Iron Clad Ben Posted at 2011/03/04 2:32pm reply to

Iron Clad Ben
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Personally, I don't like this article.  I definitely agree with his argument that the fact that animals are sentient and can feel pain, therefore we shouldn't eat them.  However, the approach here is just terrible IMHO.
This kind of rhetorical moral grandstanding just polarizes people.  I agree that starting a dialog is a good thing but do you see how polarized the comments are?  Is anyone really going to change their mind and go vegan after reading this?  It's the sort of thing that turned me off from veganism for years.  Look at this guy's headshot, he's got a smug sneer on his face, not a smile.  You're basically telling everyone who disagrees with you that they are grossly immoral either by ignorance or just plain maliciously (some religious groups do this too, I assume it pisses you off like it does to me).  Come on.  And people are just supposed to have an immediate paradigm shift and agree with the argument after you've insulted them so deeply?
If the objective is just to alienate and polarize people while feeding the ego, then that is accomplished here.  Enjoy your soapbox, Professor.  But if we really want to get more people on our side, it has to be with a love approach.  Veganism resonates so strongly with love.  Set a good example.  Speak about all the positives.  Being negative turns people away.  Champion veganism because you want the positive benefits for everyone, not because you want to put yourself on a pedestal above others.

That's my opinion, feel free to disagree.
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