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Local Clothing
LonestarRanger Posted at 2010/12/25 1:33pm reply to

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I haven't bought clothes in a really long time.  At least a couple of years since I've actively bought anything for myself.  Since that time, I've started avoiding animal products and become more aware of sweat shop labor concerns.  Does anyone know a good place to get clothes with a style similar to Banana Republic or Bonobos? has been good for accessories, but not for shirts and pants.

I would like to shop somewhere in Austin if possible, but all of the places I find that sell clothes with a concern for workers or animals generally are not in tune with my style.  Seems like it's a lot of t shirts or pastel colors, and I'm more of a classic, dark colored person.  

Any suggestions?
Fukuoka Posted at 2011/01/10 5:05pm reply to

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If you're not offended by used clothing, there are numerous great thrift stores in the area that have men's clothes. I like buying at thrift stores because I'm not driving the demand for any new clothes to be made, shipped, etc. Also, they are really cheap without the guilt of buying Chinese-made stuff.

I guess if you're looking for strictly hemp or organic cotton or some other material, a thrift store won't really work...
UTexasMark Posted at 2011/01/11 9:20am reply to

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I'm in the same boat.  Never know where to get clothing.  I'll just type "clothing" into google maps and see what comes up, then try those places out.
jillian Posted at 2011/01/18 2:11am reply to

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Ok, These here are some online options.  The only men's clothes they have at Pure Blankz are t-shirts, but they're super yummy and only about $17.  Levi's is making Waterless jeans now. Where they are made I don't know, but it's worth checking out.  Reco jeans are the greatest!  They are made from %100 recycled materials (plastic bottles i think) and are really fashionable. is great for belts and Sprout watches are the most eco-friendly watches you can buy, and they aren't expensive either!
As far as buying in Austin, Whole foods does have some great t-shirts by Threads For Thought and they carry TOMS shoes, and last time I looked Wheatsville had some nice socks.  Other than that, 2nd hand is the way to go.  It's usually cheaper (although in Austin not by much) and you don't have to worry about the environment/sweat shop thang.  

erick Posted at 2011/01/21 10:09pm reply to

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Patagonia has a good reputation in regards to sweatshop labor, and some if their clothes are made with organic materials. Patagonia sells mostly sports wear but they do sell some decent casual wear. They have a retail location on Congress and you can order stuff online at One caveat, their clothes are not cheap.
erick Posted at 2011/01/21 10:11pm reply to

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Also, there's Good Will, $8 jeans!
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