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Wheatsville Thanksgiving Hot bar PLUS
dangillotte Posted at 2010/11/23 1:10pm reply to

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Hi folks,

never sure where to post this kind of thing, but I wanted to make sure that you all knew that we are rocking a Thanksgiving Hot bar today and tomorrow (11/23 and 11/24) from 11-7 each day. We've got LOTS of vegan yumminess abounding; tofurky and the deli's mushroom gravy, cornbread stuffing, garlic mashed potatoes, creamy coconut mashed sweet potatoes and more! I had a hard time eating it for breakfast today, but will not refrain from lunch and dinner!

And, remember that we have a killer selection of other Thanksgiving things to make for a rocking vegan Thanksgiving- lots of entree alternatives including the new Tofurkey feasts that include Amy's cake in them, Gardein's Turky, and Field Roast.

And, our deli pies will make a vegan cry (with joy). Coconut cream and pumpkin are both vegan and delicious! (We do have a traditional pumpkin, too, so look for the vegan label.)

Anyway, I hope you have a great vegan holiday! Any new vegans might find this blog post I made a little helpful-

Wheatsville GM
Ross Posted at 2010/11/23 1:14pm reply to

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Thanks Dan! And no strict rules on where posts should go, so this is fine happy
peter Posted at 2010/11/23 3:32pm reply to

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I had this at one of your preview nights a week or two ago.  It was pretty awesome.
carrie Posted at 2010/11/23 6:43pm reply to

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I can attest to the greatness of Wheatsville's Thanksgiving dinner. This year nobody has time to cook in my family, so we picked up a couple bags of the sides and "Boom!" Thanksgiving dinner. I also got a tofurky. Yum! I had to sample it at the hot bar too - all of those tofurky slices slathered in gravy - how could I resist? I love Wheatsville!
dangillotte Posted at 2010/11/24 10:18am reply to

Posts: 40
Yay! Peter, I'm happy you liked the Thanksgiving preview! So glad we could help you with your Thanksgiving Carrie!
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