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MainstreamVegan Posted at 2010/11/19 1:41pm reply to

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Does anyone know if they have vegan options here? I know there's a couple vegetarian things on the menu, and I hope that the chips would at least be vegan.
MainstreamVegan Posted at 2010/11/30 4:22pm reply to

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Jalopy is a fairly new food trailer at 15th and San Antonio:

There are no dedicated vegan items on the menu, but owner Nic is willing to customize sandwiches for vegans. I had a pretty tasty veggie sandwich the other day.

I suggested that he add better vegan items to the menu and I got this response: "Although I am not going to venture into the tempeh and tofu arenas, I have a few other vegan menu items in the works:
Ratatouille - olive oil marinated and grilled eggplant, zuccini, calabaza sqash, tyme and tomato pesto
Chickpea falafel - pickled cucumbers, parsley, and garlic gremolata"

I suggest that vegans hit up this place! With more demand from vegans, I suspect more vegan items will be added to the menu. Also, this guy is a UT McCombs alum so it's great to support him.
Ross Posted at 2010/11/30 4:34pm reply to

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Sweet, thanks for letting us know!!
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