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Rooms for Rent at Vegan Co-op
rebeccam Posted at 2010/10/21 12:03am reply to

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serafin Posted at 2010/10/27 4:37pm reply to

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I live here and it's amazing! If you're interested you're welcome to come by for dinner Sunday-Thursday to check the place out, or just come by for a tour any day of the week. Just let Rebecca or I know!
Micah Man Posted at 2010/11/29 4:18am reply to

Micah Man
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I'm moving out of my current situation this month and am looking for places. I'm a 26 year old non student, who is relatively new to Austin and win my bread by acting/directing/designing for the austin theatre scene. I also do substitute teaching to make ends meet when I need. I've been a veg. for almost 4 years but only been vegan since February. I'm very interested in communal living, especially in positive situations like this. I'd love to come by and visit some time, though I probably won't be able to stay for dinner since I work in the evenings.

(903) 241 2596

UTexasMark Posted at 2010/11/29 2:33pm reply to

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I have a hard time imagining a group of vegans to have a wide range of diets and political views.  It sounds like an awesome place to live.  I wish I'd known about it when I was a student.
peter Posted at 2010/11/29 5:22pm reply to

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Not all of them are vegan, they just eat vegan in the house.  Also, while most vegans are probably some variety of left-of-center, there's tremendous diversity within that.  Plus, not all of them are liberal/progressive/leftist.  You'd be surprised how many are libertarian, conservative, or even straight-up moderate.  It definitely surprised me.
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