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Gathering of the Tribes on October 2nd
fletcherism Posted at 2010/09/23 2:18pm reply to

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Hey everyone, most of you know by now about the huge Gathering of the Tribes that's going on on October 2nd at Pease Park. A big mega-potluck for all of Austin's vegans and vegetarians, with all major groups in attendance- Vegetarian Network of Austin, Austin Progressive Vegetarians, Action for Animals Austin, and of course the VRA. You can get more info/see the poster at

(The reason it's "presented by the Lone Star Vegetarian Chili Cook-off" is that they paid for the park reservation. Other than that it's not associated with any one group.)

I wanted to ask everyone for their help with two things:

One- given that rain is always a possibility, does anyone know of an indoor venue, hopefully not too far from central Austin, that could be available to host up to 100 people for this potluck? We wouldn't need anything in the way of amenities other than shelter, so it could be a picnic pavillion or something. Electricity would be nice if we decide to get some entertainment out there, but right now it's not looking like we'll do that. Plus it'd be nice to have alcohol allowed- Pease Park doesn't allow it, although I think people could bring their own small amounts in their own coolers and not get out of hand.

Two- we're trying to get as much attendance from the entire vegan/vegetarian community as possible, and that means not just our groups, but also bloggers, business owners, restaurateurs, "celebrities" such as they are, etc. Here's a list I came up with for us to invite people. I want feedback on who should be invited who isn't on this list, and maybe who is on this list who shouldn't. (The reason that may be the case is if anyone thinks a particular someone isn't really a member of the vegan/vegetarian community. For example, I like Jenny Kress from Dog Almighty and thinks she does a lot to promote vegetarianism, so I included her. But I don't know what other people may think since her place does serve meat.)

So here's the list. Some of these people (like Lazy Smurf) have already said they're coming. A few (unfortunately, Daniela Nunez!) have said they cannot.

Action for Animals
VegNet Austin
Austin Vegan Drinks (if there's anyone other than Daniela who can come)
the Petland Protesters
Vegan Moms of Austin
Dr. Ritamarie Raw Potluckers
University Vegetarians
Students Against Cruelty to Animals
Rip Esselstyn/Engine 2 potluckers
Texas Humane Legislation Network
Austin Pets Alive
Animal Trustees of Austin
New Earth Center

Cheer Up Charlie's
Counter Culture
Casa De Luz
Mr. Natural
Sweet Ritual
Conscious Cravings
Veggie Heaven
Vegan Yacht
Mother's Cafe
Toy Joy
Bouldin Creek
Dog Almighty
Thai Fresh
Daily Juice

Sugartooth Bakery
Trailer Food Diaries (Tiffany?)
Lazy Smurf
Chef Veggie
Austin EcoVillage
Greenling Organic Delivery
Celeste's Best Bakery
Green Island Catering
South Austin Food Co-op
Resolution Gardens
Sustainable Food Center
Austin Zoo

Anyone got any suggestions?
mollyjade Posted at 2010/09/23 6:28pm reply to

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What a neat idea!

Chaya Rao was one of the chili cookoff winners last year, and she teaches vegetarian cooking classes. Her website is:
carrie Posted at 2010/09/23 7:53pm reply to

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I like this idea too. I am planning on coming. Does it start at 5:00pm? The VRA invite says 5:00am.
Vegan Queso Posted at 2010/09/23 9:56pm reply to

Vegan Queso
Posts: 11
You can add Nacho Mom's Ultimate Vegan Queso to the lists of businesses. I can bring some to give everyone samples with chips.  

Why not ask vegan businesses if they wish to donate items for a raffle? It adds another dimension of support...vegans are the best at supporting vegan businesses. It's an opportunity for the businesses to pay back a thank you if they want to, and add some fun.  You can get raffle tickets at any party store.  Even if it's a coupon for a little savings, it could be fun.

If you do, I personally am happy to donate several jars of our queso.


p.s. If it's starts at 5am as it says on the invite, I'd still be awake, but it would be real hard to see everyone in the dark and I am pretty sure I'd be the only one there.
BeccaGreenIsland Posted at 2010/09/24 12:14am reply to

Posts: 284
I love this idea and thanks for including Green Island Catering, honestly I was planning a camping trip this weekend, but a gathering of all our Austin Veg groups has always been a dream of mine too (I always post about strength in unity etc happy so I couldn't miss it, I will re-post this on my facebooks and catering website and try to recruit as many attendees as I can, have you asked if Rip/Engine 2 group will mail out this invite to their mailing list, they have a large group that attends their potlucks but I don't have all their contact infos, hopefully Rip will assist you so they can all get the invite too, I would donate for a raffle as well,

perhaps a certificate for a 4 course vegan meal prepared for 2 or
10% off a catering order ?

fletcherism Posted at 2010/09/24 10:02am reply to

Posts: 103
Ugh. Thanks for catching the time screw-up, I fixed it.

I really wish I could've started working on promoting this sooner, August and September have been hella-hellacious. For instance, right now my wife and I are taking care of a feral mother cat and her three week-old babies. I found them laying in the grass next to our house, eyes still closed, and they'd been separated from their mom for almost three days. (They're fine now- I only brought this up 'cause I knew you guys would appreciate it.)

Becca and Alana, thank you so much for the offers. I honestly hadn't thought about doing anything other than having everyone get together, eat, mingle, make new friends, and have fun. But a raffle sounds like a good idea, probably not too complicated. Like four tix for a dollar, to make it easy to count? Also, any suggestions for who the beneficiary should be?

I was also thinking it'd be nice to have a little light entertainment out there. Anyone know of a singer/songwriter-type who'd like to come out? Someone who wouldn't need much amplification? I have a couple of battery-powered portable amps I'm bringing. Who all has played at Sue's trailer in the past?

Also just to "bump" this question- anyone got any ideas about an alternate rain venue?

Thanks for the suggestions everyone! This is gonna be a lot of fun.
Daniela Posted at 2010/09/24 11:11am reply to

Posts: 396
i have someone in mind brendan who could possibly play an acoustic set. i'll send you an email if she's available.
Vegan Queso Posted at 2010/09/24 4:09pm reply to

Vegan Queso
Posts: 11
Thoughts: You can do a benificiary, but you can also just give away raffle tickets to all who attend. That way everyone has a chance of winning...And it doesn't matter how small the prize is for donations if, for example, a food trailer wants to do a buck off food. It's something, and still fun to win.  Just in case you want to keep it uncomplicated and not have to choose, and there's no pinch on either end...we could have a jar or box though to go to some beneficiary where we can donate if we wish--any animal donation box gets me personally every time.  

It's a fun energy when everyone might win if they stay around til the drawing. Either way is wonderful; just didnt' know if you thought of that.

I actually may have a roll of raffle tickets in my garage. Let me check. Then it's at no cost to you to do this.

One of my cats, Dash, was a rescue cat so I bow down in honor to your nursing the babies back to health.  He was left at a motel with his brothers and sisters for days just after birth, with no mama and they were all in horrid bad shape. He was still so tiny when I adopted him from an animal rescue organization after much nursing and treatment, that I thought he'd grow to be a teeny cat.  He is now a whopping Maine Coone, bigger than my small dogs. And spoiled rotten and healthy.

Incidentally, I just ordered a big ol chafing dish so I probably won't need electricity. I'll test it first.

Another thought...if it rains, you could have an alternate rain date available if you can't find a covered venue? We'd just know to come another weekend.

OR...we COULD pay for the raffle tickets and the money can go to a performer at the event.

There is my brainstorming session. You do not have to use a bit of it.

fletcherism Posted at 2010/09/24 4:20pm reply to

Posts: 103
Daniela, that's great, go ahead and tell her we'd love to have her.

Alana, I agree, let's just do them as door prizes. That way people aren't bringing food and money to the equation. Keep it simple. That's really what this is all about.

We'll certainly do a tip jar for Daniela's friend, and whoever else might perform. And I'll see who else wants to donate door prizes, but Alana and Becca, thank you for your contributions.

And Molly, I'm adding Vegicurean to the list. Great suggestion.
leslie c. Posted at 2010/10/01 10:10am reply to

leslie c.
Posts: 153
I originally had plans to go out of town this weekend, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to be around our entire community of vegetarians & vegans!  I will be bringing treats from The Gilded Gardenia - a new vegan special order patisserie in Austin.  I can't wait to hang out with everyone!
Ross Posted at 2010/10/01 10:22am reply to

Posts: 4574
Awesome Leslie! Sounds good happy
Vegan Queso Posted at 2010/10/01 2:03pm reply to

Vegan Queso
Posts: 11
Just a follow-up that I couldn't find that roll of raffle tickets I thought I may have had leftover in my garage from an event.

I'll double-check tonight though.

See ya all tomorrow!

VeganExplosion Posted at 2010/10/03 12:09am reply to

Posts: 442
this event was awesome!! We were a bit late (we had family visiting, it was crystal's dad's birthday, chris's grandmother passed away yesterday) and we thought we wouldn't be able to make it but we're so glad we did!

We had Crystals bonita mamacita with us today all the way from south Texas (her mom Elida) and she loved meeting all of the people we've been talking about all these years!

It was incredible to see so many vegan humans, doggies and children today in one place.

Seriously such a great event, Brendan! Can't wait to do it again!

Chris and Crystal
Food for Lovers
Gabriel Posted at 2010/10/03 1:47am reply to

Posts: 833
Sorry to hear about Chris's grandmother.

As for the event, it was really fun.  I hope that we get to do more like it.
leslie c. Posted at 2010/10/04 10:27am reply to

leslie c.
Posts: 153
Jason, Sabrina, and I had a wonderful time at The Gathering of the Tribes!  Brendan (or is it Fletch?) - Thank you so much for organizing this event.  It was great to see so many familiar faces and to meet new people in the community.  
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