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Men's Journal Guide to Going Vegan
Ross Posted at 2010/09/26 2:20pm reply to

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Glad to hear it's gone well Diva(and that we could help!) happy Awesome!
dannyv Posted at 2010/09/26 3:30pm reply to

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UTexasMark Posted at 2010/09/26 4:21pm reply to

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>People don't have feces trapped in their intestines for months. It's total BS.

People should eat less "BS."  Apparently bull waste is hard to get rid of.
weigand Posted at 2010/09/27 5:20pm reply to

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Yeah, pH claims are bogus. I just spoke with someone who was worried about drinking distilled water, because it was acidic and would lead to all kinds of health problems, according to some web site he saw on the net. I had to explain that the body balances the blood pH level in a very narrow range. It would be difficult and extremely bad for the blood to deviate past that range.

As for not getting sick since January, report back after another 5 years or so. Could be a coincidence. Just 8-10 months is not long enough.  Also, consider that you might be more isolated now that you're vegan, in contact with less people, and therefore at less risk of picking up viruses. Also, there's the possibility that you were slightly allergic to something in your diet before, and that could have contributed to repeated bacterial and/or viral infections - I know of nobody who gets sick every few months like you did, except for people with chronic allergies.

- Steve
dannyv Posted at 2010/09/28 12:32pm reply to

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I'm definitely not less isolated. I think it might be because I went from eating mostly junk food to not eating junk food at all. I did this because initially ingredient lists were pretty overwhelming (and abiguous!!) so I started eating more whole foods. I noticed many other odd changes, although it might bee to soon to make any conclusions. For example: taste bud change? I used to really like potato chips, but recently they taste to salty or to greasy. I used drink at least one beer every day, but recently I can't even take a sip without squinting my eyes.
mickshan Posted at 2011/05/12 6:55am reply to

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>>What's with the almond butter suggestion on page 2?  What's wrong with peanut butter?

I believe (but I'm not swearing) that Rip Esselstyn's book talks about the health advantages of walnuts and almonds over peanuts. Something about the oils. Peanuts are legumes and not a true nut. Tree nuts are touted as more beneficial, I just can't answer your question off the top of my head.
Iron Clad Ben Posted at 2011/05/12 5:13pm reply to

Iron Clad Ben
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Well while we're reviving this thread I did want to say something about acid/alkaline.  Acid forming foods do hurt you, but luckily most vegan foods are alkaline forming.

To fight off acidity, your body takes minerals out of your cells, especially your bones to offset it.  So it will actually suck calcium out of your bones to make your blood more alkaline (presumably with calcium hydroxide?) to offset the acid.  This is what causes osteoperosis.  If you read the China Study (or presumably see Forks Over Knives, which I haven't yet) they talk about this.  Most animal foods are acid forming in the body, including dairy.  Which is pretty ironic because dairy likes to tout itself as a source of calcium.  True, but taking calcium supplements will do you no good if you eat a highly acid-forming diet.

Also, I really recommend reading Brendan Brazier (vegan pro triathlete)'s book "Thrive".  He talks a lot about alkaline-forming foods.
eli2ab3th Posted at 2011/05/14 1:36am reply to

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Actually there's a lot of vegan acid-forming foods/drinks:
sugar and alcohol. Most grains, beans and nuts are also slightly acid-forming, but ideally they are balanced with alkaline-forming foods like vegetables, sea vegetables, miso, soy sauce/tamari, sea salt, pickles, etc. Also not that vegetables that contain oxalic acid like nightshades (tomatoes, peppers/chiles, potatoes, eggplant), spinach, chard, beet greens, asparagus, etc are not acid-forming but they still leach calcium from your bones, and are best avoided especially if you have arthritis or carpal tunnel.

Great book on acid/alkaline:
"Acid & Alkaline" by Herman Aihara
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