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panda express?
victoria_ireton Posted at 2010/08/21 8:43pm reply to

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okay so I used to love panda express, and they have several items that seem to be vegan (ie, veggie stir-fry, eggplant& tofu, chow mein, veggie spring rolls, etc.) yet all of the websites that talk about what food is and isnt vegan at fast food restaurants all say that panda express has nothing vegan, so I was wondering if anyone knew why is this?
mollyjade Posted at 2010/08/22 12:58am reply to

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All of Panda Express's sauces are made with chicken stock. Pei Wei is a good alternative though.
Gabriel Posted at 2010/08/22 2:09am reply to

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I believe that I have an e-mail from Pei Wei that states that all of Pei Wei's veggie dishes are cooked in some kind of water/stock that has eggs.  I will need to dig it up to see what exactly it says.  
carrie Posted at 2010/08/22 11:40am reply to

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Hi Victoria! Some vegan friendly Asian food places I can think of are Hai Ky, Hoa Hoa, Veggie Heaven, Mama Fu's, PF Changs, Fire Bowl Cafe, and Zen. Do you live in Georgetown? If so, then it might be a little more difficult for you to get to some of these restaurants. The last four are chains. If you do a search for Chinese Food on this site then it pulls up several threads if you'd like more in depth information about what's available. Apparently we really like to talk about Chinese food here. awesome
victoria_ireton Posted at 2010/08/22 12:20pm reply to

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Thank you all for letting me know. I live in Cedar Park but I'm sure I can find those places although it makes me extremely upset that they use chicken stock in everything >angry someone should contact them letting them know we'd like a change. Also, Pei Wei is now a dissappointment angry
mollyjade Posted at 2010/08/22 1:48pm reply to

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My Pei Wei info is from here:

I've generally found the site to be accurate. Pei Wei's allergy chart seems to concur.

But of course, everyone should do whatever research they need to feel comfortable eating somewhere. happy

Edit. Their sauces do have sugar I think.
esestud Posted at 2010/12/06 3:39pm reply to

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Yeah I saw that too.  On  I guess you have to keep in mind that people who run these chinese restaurants have no knowledge of veganism, so they'll use just about anything to flavor their tofu or veggie stir-fry dishes (meat broth, oyster sauce, etc.).  Furthermore, they often use the same equipment to cook their veggies as they do their meat, which I learned at Buffalo Billiards the other night.  They told me they use the same oil to fry their chicken as they do to make fries and tortilla chips.  Depends on where you wanna draw the line.
UTexasMark Posted at 2010/12/06 3:47pm reply to

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Isn't Pei Wei just being honest?  Who doesn't use sugar?
mollyjade Posted at 2010/12/07 9:35am reply to

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I don't worry about the veganness of sugar when I eat out, but some people do. I was just trying to give as much detail as I had.
David Manuel Posted at 2019/02/24 7:25pm reply to

David Manuel
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Came across this today and sadly panda express still doesn't have anymore options though...and now that veganeatingout site is offline.

I found another site that has a full vegan menu for them though thankfully and dang they even have full vegan meals now!
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