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Gluten-free alternative to seitan
Daiya-Bollich Posted at 2010/07/16 7:29am reply to

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We've only recently started cooking with vital wheat gluten, and we've been making some delicious seitan, but my tummy is recently making me again question if I have a gluten intolerance.

I'd like to try a soy-based alternative to seitan, and I want something with more freedom than TVP or tofu. I've noticed a lot of mockmeats have soy protein isolate, but my online research suggests that's little more than protein powder. Is this something that can provide a meaty texture?

Anyone explored this?
Daiya-Bollich Posted at 2010/07/16 7:31am reply to

Posts: 218
Not Wes Posted at 2010/07/16 8:29am reply to

Not Wes
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Gimme Lean is essentially tvp & tapioca, so I can see how that recipe might work with chickpea flour.

I've heard this link mentioned, but I haven't tried any of them.
BeccaGreenIsland Posted at 2010/07/16 3:31pm reply to

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I think we talked about this the other night, Stephen, but I just ordered "Butlers soy curls" for the first time and they're great for replacing seitan and they're made of only whole soybeans, no protein isolate and minimally processed although they're very chewy. I can make similar results at home by freezing, thawing, pressing, and baking (dehydrating) regular tofu but it takes hours and its still not quite the same. I'm going to write to our local grocers, like whole foods, wheatsville, natural grocers, sun harvest to ask them to carry Butlers soy curls, unless they're already here somewhere?
I think they're great ! I know Whole foods also makes some of their own products now like tofu steaks and I asked the guy on here who works for them which ones are soy based (no wheat gluten) but didn't hear back yet

also just fyi the gluten free bread the Vegan Yahct is using is Udi's brand but it unfortunately has egg whites in it so its not vegan...I just found out angry
I tried to find their contact info online to let them know but no such luck
zvezdy Posted at 2010/07/16 4:55pm reply to

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So I guess the vegan yacht's not vegan! Only for a short time, I'm sure...
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