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Vegan Interviews!
CaitWitt Posted at 2010/06/12 1:21pm reply to

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Hey all,

So this is a million light years late, but I wanted to *finally* post a link to the interviews I did with so many awesome people from this forum in the last few months of '09. I was waiting for my professor to post our flash projects to his website, but it looks like he's never going to do it; thus, not all of the links work on the site I'm posting here, but you can at least check out the interviews and a cooking video!

Here ya go:

Again, major, major apologies for the wait; I wanted to share this for a long time, and hounded my aforementioned professor, but I didn't want to completely leave you hanging any longer.

Thanks again for everything, I hope you enjoy the project!

Ross Posted at 2010/06/13 5:46pm reply to

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haha! I've often wondered what happened with this! Thanks for posting the link Caitlin happy
peter Posted at 2010/06/13 10:32pm reply to

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CaitWitt Posted at 2010/06/14 7:16pm reply to

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You're totally welcome, Ross! I learned a bunch, and am still so appreciative that you all participatedhappy Thanks for being patient, I'm sorry this took so long to share!!
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