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looking for a bunch of beer bottles
kelsi Posted at 2010/03/06 5:51pm reply to

Posts: 105
my boyfriend and i are brewing some beer and need to find maybe 50 empty beer bottles. we can't use twist offs.  if you have any taking up room in your house, message me, we'll come pick them up, take them off your hands.
Daiya-Bollich Posted at 2010/03/07 4:38pm reply to

Posts: 218
Have you tried asking a local bar?
Not Wes Posted at 2010/03/07 5:08pm reply to

Not Wes
Posts: 611
Sorry, I'm trying to replenish my empty bottle supply right now too. If you get really desperate, the homebrew store sells new empties for about $15 for 2 dz.

Whacha brewin? I recently me some chocolate stout.
kelsi Posted at 2010/03/11 10:38pm reply to

Posts: 105
michael and i went to pick up some fermenters last night at some guys house and he was selling 50 bottles for super cheap!! phew.  

were making an american style wheat.  its our first batch, so nothing fancy.  not yet.  i think hes gonna try cider next.

ooo chocolate stout.  mmm.
VeganBrian Posted at 2010/03/13 8:54am reply to

Posts: 139
You can find them all over the ground around my apt complex.
suepurrr Posted at 2010/03/13 4:14pm reply to

Posts: 165
Come by Counter Culture during SXSW if you need anymore!  
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