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FINALLY buying a bike this week!
Georgeous Posted at 2010/02/14 10:05pm reply to

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I know that I've seen previous threads about bike recommendations, but after searching through a few months' of posts, I couldn't find anything recent. So-
a friend and I finally decided that we'd become biking buddies, for fitness and stress relief.
I'm in the market for something that would work on park trails, but also suffice if needed for transportation (not anywhere near as often).
We went to Academy today, and saw a few options for around $100-$150. Schwinn, Mongoose, etc.
Do any of you guys have some feedback or recommendations?
Thanks! excited
zvezdy Posted at 2010/02/14 10:10pm reply to

Posts: 394
The last bike stolen from me was a Specialized Allez Dolce (for women!). It was the best bike in the whole wide world....I miss it....
Georgeous Posted at 2010/02/14 10:59pm reply to

Posts: 295
Ouch! That bike looks awesome, but I'm not ready to drop a grand on a bike just yet. I want to make sure this is something I'm going to stick with first.
Theft is another reason for me to not drop too much $$ yet- people can't seem to keep their hands off of things that don't belong to them.
Ross Posted at 2010/02/15 8:32am reply to

Posts: 4574
Awesome! A hybrid style bike would probably do you just fine(straight handle bars, medium width tires), you won't need anything too expensive just starting off. I don't have any specific recommendations of brand, the bike I bought was an entry-level road bike for $500 at Freewheeling near UT. Love my bike and that shop is really cool, but not necessarily the cheapest. Academy would certainly have more affordable options. that said, I'm not sure how well those less expensive ones will hold up. Can anyone else offer some input?

Good luck! happy
deleted Posted at 2010/02/15 8:38am reply to

Posts: 46
I would recommend NOT getting a new schwinn or mongoose.
The quality is not good. You will regret it if you plan on riding it much at all.

If that is all you have to spend, then I would recommend craigslist for a used,
more reputable brand. You can google search the brand/make and see reviews.

The Peddler on 51st and Duval (used to be on North Loop)
are real good people.

Tell them what you are looking for, and how much you want to spend-They will help you out.
They dont carry any any horrible stuff, and they wont try to pressure sell you.
Not Wes Posted at 2010/02/15 9:34am reply to

Not Wes
Posts: 611
Like Ross said, a new entry-level hybrid is going to run about $500. If you have the budget for it, that's the preferable way to get a 1st bike. You get a pro fitting & advice, warranty, maybe a free tune-up.

If you don't want to spend that much, *pay* a local shop for a fitting. Be up front about your intentions, though. Take that info to craigslist & bring a bike friend when you visit the item. You could find a quality ride for $200-$300.

There's always They have great prices, but you really need to know your size & some assembly is required. Also, UPS isn't always gentle with the shipping.

Ebay, too many scams to deal with.

I know Ozone buys used bikes. You'll probably pay more than craigslist, but the help may be worth it.

I remember when I bought my 1st bike as an adult. I was extremely reluctant to spend 3 bills on a bike, but it was worth it. Something that fits well & works properly is going to keep you motivated to ride again.
Rayray Posted at 2010/02/15 6:18pm reply to

Posts: 160
I bought my bike new at Ozone for about $400 because I didn't know much about bikes at the time and wanted someone just to tell me what I needed.  In hindsight, I would buy a bike on craigslist.  The easiest way to do it would just be to look for bikes that are described as hybrids and then ask the owners how tall they are to see if it might fit you.  Alternatively, you can go to a bike shop and ride their bikes to find out what size/kind you might want and then go to craigslist.  The nice thing about used bikes, though, is that you can buy one and sell one for about the same amount of money as long as you don't beat the crap out of it.  My boyfriend often buys a bike on craigslist when we get to a new town and sells it again for the same or a greater price when we leave.  Even if you accidentally buy a bike that needs some work, you can buy a hell of a lot of replacement components with the $200 or so you saved by not buying a new bike.  The library and Yellow Bike are there to help the mechanically helpless.
ahhhlookout Posted at 2010/02/16 6:20am reply to

Posts: 122
Another vote for Craigslist.  Just take her for a test ride and don't be scared.  Make sure it is a good fiit for your height and leg length.  You can be measured at a shop to see what size bike you need.  I agree with everyone who said you would need a hybrid.  Riding the trails on a road bike=not awesome!

Also, I think Clown Dog is the best bike shop in Austin.  It is cool and cheap and they won't make you feel dumb.  They have a nice menu of services available online.  

Another site to check out is where you can find out about all the cool bike stuff that is happening in Austin, esp with the warm weather coming.  There is also a "Social Cycling ATX" group on Facebook that tells you about fun rides that are coming.  Though a lot of them have drinking stops involved, some don't....

jjfallin Posted at 2010/02/17 1:07pm reply to

Posts: 1
I'd recommend a Trek WSD (Women's Specific Design) in an FX (fitness hybrid).  It can handle trails or street riding and they come in a few price levels.
Georgeous Posted at 2010/02/18 2:00pm reply to

Posts: 295
Thank you everyone, for all the helpful advice! We had an emergency situation with Peanut (kitten) this week that drained my funds, so it looks like my bike-buying has been put on hold again. On the bright side, it'll give me more time to find the perfect bike. I will definitely be checking out some bike shops around town, and trying to figure out the best fit.
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