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Girl Scout cookies
KateS Posted at 2014/01/15 8:32pm reply to

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bump!  Just a reminder since Girl Scout cookie "season" started today!

There are 2 bakeries that make Girl Scout cookies.  

One bakery (Little Brownie) doesn't make vegan cookies.  For example, they add whey (as the last ingredient) to the peanut butter patties.  BOO.

The other (ABC Bakery) makes 4 vegan flavors: Thin Mints, Peanut Butter Patties, Lemonades, and Thanks-A-Lot.  The boxes are labeled vegan, the website has them labeled vegan, and they even talk about vegan cookies on their facebook page!!  Pretty cool!

Last year, ABC was available in Austin area.  I haven't started to feed the addiction yet this year, so I'm not sure what is in our area now.  Just be sure to check the for ABC Bakery
Mandrew Posted at 2014/01/16 7:58pm reply to

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My daughter is a Girl Scout in Round Rock and from what we were told when we checked to see if we could get ABC Bakery made cookies the answer we received was that this entire area goes through one main warehouse where they are ONLY carrying the non-vegan brand.  Apparently that is a new thing.  If anyone has a lead on ABC brand I'd love to know.
UTexasMark Posted at 2014/01/17 9:30am reply to

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My coworker brought her niece's cookies to work.  They're ABC, here in Austin.
Cassandra Posted at 2014/01/18 2:31pm reply to

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Really? Is she in the Central Texas Council?  Odd.

I'm getting my vegan cookies from my friend's sister  in Houston.

ETA: Also, my Austin friend said that her council decided to go with Little Brownie Bakers. Maybe there are still some ABC boxes lying around?
UTexasMark Posted at 2014/01/21 9:29am reply to

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Well then I'd better jump on these.  I guess her niece doesn't live that close.
KatieB Posted at 2014/01/24 4:43pm reply to

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If anyone knows ANY local sources from ABC bakery, then please share the information! I really want cookies!
Cassandra Posted at 2014/01/25 3:07pm reply to

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The local council, the Girl Scouts of Central Texas, encompasses all of the following counties and cities:

As you can see, the central Texas council is pretty big You might be able to find someone as close as New Braunfels, Seguin, or Schertz if you know someone who lives there and their council is still using ABC Bakers. Otherwise, I would find a friend in Houston.
Not Wes Posted at 2014/01/29 10:52am reply to

Not Wes
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If you are really fiending for some thin mints, remember HEB has a very similar cookie in their Hill Country Fare brand. Donate a couple bucks to the Scouts while you are enjoying those.
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