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Engine 2 diet
snicolet Posted at 2010/02/01 9:28pm reply to

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Has anyone else read Engine 2 diet? Written by and Austin firefighter. I was totally impressed and hooked. It was like everything I needed to wrap my head around on the physiological level of what happens to your body when you put plant based versus animal based foods in it.
Anyway, its a good read. Ive been packing it around and flipping through it for easiest, yummiest vegan recipes.
Angie V. Posted at 2010/02/02 1:29pm reply to

Angie V.
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It was the book that turned my husband from omni to vegan (and thus, me from vegetarian to vegan).  He did it for health reasons, and in the last year he has successfully eliminated his type 2 diabetes, reduced his cholesterol & triglycerides, and lost 50 lbs.  We don't follow the E2D principles religiously, but it was a great foundation to get started from.  

E2D is great from a health standpoint, but I honestly am not too impressed with the recipes.  (I prefer "foodie" type vegan cookbooks.)  The only thing I have made from it is the "meat" loaf, because I had used the recipe years before out of Vegetarian Times magazine.  (It's a great recipe!)  
Georgeous Posted at 2010/02/03 1:15pm reply to

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Esselstyn is a great guy with a lot of helpful advice. I've attended several of the E2 potlucks he hosts, and there is always a wealth of food, good conversation, and solid encouragement. I don't follow the diet as of yet, but I'm getting there.
happygreengirl Posted at 2012/01/24 9:12pm reply to

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I'm going to attempt the 28 day challenge starting Feb 1.  I'm already vegan-ish.  Honestly no alcohol will probably be the most challenging for me/social settings. Stay tuned...
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