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Who made the magic bars?
Pandi Posted at 2010/01/25 12:52pm reply to

Posts: 155
Must. Have. Recipe.

Angie V. Posted at 2010/01/25 2:02pm reply to

Angie V.
Posts: 88
Chris made them.  She mentions on the FB event page, that the recipe was from Fat Free Vegan blog (but not even close to being fat free!).

VeganExplosion Posted at 2010/01/25 3:08pm reply to

Posts: 442
dude! i'm so glad to see people made this recipe.

there are a few recipes out there for magic cookie bars and I think this one's the best.

i've made that recipe a million times and it effing rocks.
texaspice Posted at 2010/01/25 6:45pm reply to

Posts: 40
Glad you liked them - they are super easy - the biggest challenge is finding graham crackers without honey (but I did!) Although the ones I used had high fructose corn syrup - gross - anyone know of any good vegan ones sold locally?

I have made them 3x times in the last month.  I guess after not having them for five years I am making up for lost time.  
Ross Posted at 2010/01/25 7:48pm reply to

Posts: 4574
i was pretty sure there were some hill country fare ones that were legal at heb, i'm pretty sure most of them would have hfcs in them, but that wouldnt bother me that much
Georgeous Posted at 2010/01/25 11:09pm reply to

Posts: 295
that reminds me- where can i find vegan vanilla wafers? the last two kinds i've bought i SWEAR were vegan when i bought them (after scanning the ingredients several times), but when i went to buy a second box weeks later, i found eggs or milk. grrr

i didn't try the magic bars, but they looked yummy! chris makes great baked goods
Not Wes Posted at 2010/01/28 9:15am reply to

Not Wes
Posts: 611
Those magic bars were really good.

Who has the recipe for that coffee cake w/ the pralines?
xveganmomx Posted at 2010/01/28 11:10am reply to

Posts: 9
randalls store brand of vanilla wafers were accidentally vegan the last time i checked
ahhhlookout Posted at 2010/01/29 6:08pm reply to

Posts: 122
Those magic bars were the SHIT!!!  I am in <3 with the baker... Thank you!
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