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Docs, blood
travisnichols Posted at 2010/01/20 11:19am reply to

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This has been talked about before, but I'm too sick and weak to search. Oooouuuuuaaaaagggffff.

I want to get blood work done. And allergy tests of some ilk.
I guess I know that a doctor has to prescribe bloodwork, so who do you kids use? Doctors I've encountered in the past know diddlycrap about nutrition.

Help! (weak cough) Please!
Ross Posted at 2010/01/20 11:54am reply to

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My doctor's pretty awesome, she's the only doctor at Dominion Healthcare up here on Parmer (i'm sure that's a long haul for you though), and she got all the blood tests done for me, and they posted the results digitally for me. She's open to veganism and seemed to think I was doing better than the majority of people because of it.
VeganExplosion Posted at 2010/01/20 12:58pm reply to

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Dr. Daghestani at doctor's regional on s 1st.
He did our blood work & has seen us for other things too.
He's awesome and totally knew that veganism was good for us because he'd always say things about how our "diet put us ahead of the game" and stuff.
snicolet Posted at 2010/02/01 9:24pm reply to

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I love the "you can't be getting enough protein if you don't eat animal products" argument. Its like when was the last time you heard of someone being hospitalized for protein deficiency?
finding a doc that gets it is tough. Good luck happy
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