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census jobs @17 bucks an hour
posirich Posted at 2010/01/07 2:02am reply to

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if anyone needs to pick up some work, the census is hiring big time now for projects throughout the year.  ATX Field jobs start at 17, office jobs are less but last longer.

call 287-7530 in austin to schedule a test and to apply (takes a couple hours) at a local test site. if you are in n. atx you may be part of georgetown area, so you call and give them your zip and they'll let you know.
no drug testing just a background check

hit me up if you need any info, i have it all.
VeganBrian Posted at 2010/01/15 1:56am reply to

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I've been told that you really only work 2 hours during a usual 8 hour shift. An interesting system of quotas concerning productivity limit how much actual work you can do. Lots of down time, and great pay. Also you get benefits, and can become a vested government employee. I know of folks doing this part time just to get some of those benefits since the job they like doesn't have any. This is probably about as close as we're getting to a government run healthcare system at the moment.
posirich Posted at 2010/01/29 2:40pm reply to

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no it's just a straight up temporary job.  If you got hired as a regular census employee you'd probably have to move to dallas and work from there.
Census takes place every 10 years and 100,000 or so people are needed to take the test and apply throughout the country.  If you are looking for part time work in the spring and summer in austin, it's a good deal.  Paid training, and enumerators
are paid 17 an hour, plus 50c a mile and their time always starts from the moment they leave their house in the morning til the time they return, plus any paperwork you do at home etc.
texaspice Posted at 2010/02/02 5:42pm reply to

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This sounds interesting - I would love to make some extra $$.  But I am not sure about going door to door by myself.  Not to be paranoid but that creeps me out.  How does that work exactly?
posirich Posted at 2010/02/07 2:27pm reply to

Posts: 277
sorry, you should've emailed me, i missed this.

the vast majority of people hired work on non response follow up, which is interviewing the people who didn't send the census in. it's 10 questions (the census form) and doesn't take long at all.  you will have a week of paid training on how to do it. You don't go into people's houses, you do it at the door.  
email me if you want more info
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