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Naomi Manischewitz Posted at 2009/12/29 10:48pm reply to

Naomi Manischewitz
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Wow. Didn't know this place existed. I am a poster on City Data and will either be moving to Austin this June or July of 2011 (I am trying to get into this 10 month program in Israel, if I don't get in, I am going to Austin in 6 months). I don't know anyone in Austin and won't have a job secured when moving. My plan is just to sublet from someone in a furnished apartment or guesthouse for 3 months. If I don't get a job in my field, run back to Los Angeles, live with my family again, and take my old job back (I ain't resigning until I secured a full time job).

Anyway someone on CD saw that I am a vegetarian (sorry not a vegan) and linked me to your group. It would be great to meet people when I come to town because I have no friends at all in the state of Texas and I will have a ton of free time until I get a job hopefully. Is it cool that when I come to town I go to some of your events? If not ,is there a vegetarian version of your group?

I saw the potluck events. That sounds fun. I would make sure to bring something vegan.

Um if you want to know anything about me here it goes. I am high maintenance (used to say I wasn't but hell I am!), love traveling domestically, internationally doesn't matter, loves the internet to death, and I am into cultural events. I also love Disneyland (I have a season pass) and I am a practicing Jew.

Thats about it. Hope I could have a network when I come to town of people to eat with, see movies with, and just hang out.  
peter Posted at 2009/12/29 11:38pm reply to

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Vegetarians are certainly welcome here.  Feel free to come to our events, they're good times.

There are other veg groups in town if you're interested in them as well.  They all cater to different audiences and aspects of veg*nism.  The main one is the Vegetarian Network of Austin, which is a much more formal, centralized group than ours.  Their members also tend to be a lot older - we're dominated by 20- and 30-somethings.

Anyways, welcome to the board.  If you have any questions about Austin or whatever, feel free to ask.
Naomi Manischewitz Posted at 2009/12/30 12:12am reply to

Naomi Manischewitz
Posts: 2
Thanks for the response. I will check that group out too. It would be nice to meet a lot of people my age, but older is nice. I will have more questions about Austin once it gets closer to my moving date. I will probably ask you guys if you know any sublet available or things like that. I have been reading a lot of the past topics on here and the info. on grocery stores and restaurants. Power to you guys that can afford to regularly shop at Whole Foods. I get things there once in awhile that I just cannot find elsewhere. I have been to Austin 3x and love the city regardless of all the memories I have experienced there (1st time got dumped, 2nd time got ripped off on a sublet I rented and had a family emergency cutting my stay very short, and 3rd time I was on a road trip from hell with a friend at the time). Hopefully the 4x time will be great happy
Ross Posted at 2009/12/30 8:35am reply to

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Hi Naomi! Welcome to the site.

You're definitely welcome to come to any of our shindigs once you're in town, they're open for anyone! And yeah we've got quite a few different groups in town, several of our folks also attend the "Progressive Vegetarian" meetup on, so that's another idea. They do lots of fun stuff pretty often. Anyway, glad to have ya!
Amelia Posted at 2009/12/30 12:11pm reply to

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There are two vegetarian houses within the Austin intercooperative system: for details
Naomi Manischewitz Posted at 2009/12/30 1:40pm reply to

Naomi Manischewitz
Posts: 2
Thanks again for more information happy

Doublespeak- You know on Craigslist while looking for a sublet just to get an idea of a price range, I saw that one. It looked interesting but not for me. I am way too high maintenance for something like that and a friend of mine joked that I would be the first one voted off that island LOL. I would be the worst roommate ever which is why I am willing to shell out extra $$ for a place.
Daniela Posted at 2009/12/30 2:14pm reply to

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Welcome Naomi!

I coordinate for We promote veg events around town sponsored by all the major veg/vegan groups in town and host our own restaurant meet-ups and recently launched Austin Vegan Drinks. We are also on Facebook, so check us out there too:

If you're interested in animal rights activism and pro-veg outreach, check out Action for Animals at We have been around for a while, and we're always looking for people who want to get active for animals.

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