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Veterinarian for my vegan cat
Daiya-Bollich Posted at 2009/12/24 12:16pm reply to

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Our cat Stanis has been vegan for a couple of weeks now and we're hoping to do some bloodwork or something to check on how he's doing. I'd like to be able to prove people wrong who think we're killing our cat, and if he is developing any deficiencies we'd like to know as soon as possible so we can do something about it.

Can anyone recommend any veterinarians who are vegan-friendly enough to support a vegan cat but also good enough to be able to tell us if something is wrong with the cat's diet? All I know about cat nutrition is based on internet research I did last night, so I really have no idea.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.
Daniela Posted at 2009/12/25 11:18pm reply to

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is your cat eating the vegan food? has his behavior changed any? not a vet but these are good preliminary indicators of anything to be concerned about.
DRiot Posted at 2009/12/31 3:41pm reply to

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Dr. Wadwhani (spelling?) up at Wells Branch Pet & Bird clinic is very straightforward, she will be the best to see what is wrong, and I like the only doc @ the "Best Vet" (also way north) as far as compassion/open-mindedness. Dr. W will tell you honestly if your animal is sick or not sick. I'm not saying she will or won't give you meat-based recommendations, but she is the person who will give you the facts as they are.

Best Vet is great overall - they even CHEAPLY do ratty tumour surgeries, since they want to encourage people to take proper care of their little critters and know that very few people ("no one" ) would pay $400-1,000 on surgery on an animal that lives so few years and "costs $5".
christinablue Posted at 2010/01/01 12:21am reply to

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Omg DRiot, THANK you! I have a rat and his little eye has been bothering him, but rat vet care can be so gee dee expensive! I will have to check them out!!
Daiya-Bollich Posted at 2010/01/04 11:31am reply to

Posts: 218
Daniela, yes, Stanis is eating his food and has been the same as far as I can tell. My girlfriend Britty knows him better, and she hasn't noticed any changes either, except that recently his stool has been soft. I ordered some slippery elm bark because I read on Vegecat that would help. Other than that we're just dealing with his typical neurotic behavior. happy

DRiot, thanks for the tip. We're actually only a few miles south of the Wells Branch clinic so maybe we'll give it a shot. I've actually never taken an animal to a vet, as the only pets we had when I was a kid were my semi-feral outdoor cat playmates who we pretty much let fend for themselves.
Lugaroo Posted at 2010/01/05 11:47pm reply to

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I feed my cat vegan food as well!  He's been on it since he was 4 months old...he is now 10 months..i've never had a single problem with it or his health..truth be told I haven't taken him for a check up since around his 7th month..but then he was just dandy and growing like a fat little weed!  May I ask what food you have yours on?  I've got the sort from and I hand make it all...the dry food is super easy, and the wet food is even easier..but I spoil my baby! lol he gets both :3

I hope you find what you are looking for!!

p.s. from around where I am's terribly difficult to take my cat in and tell them that he is on a vegan diet and not get stared at!  But for the most part they are cooperative and will willingly run blood work on your pet...I've been working in veterinary clinics for 3 years...The one in seattle I worked at had maaaaany many vegetarian and vegan cats come in..none of the doctors liked it very much..but consider their education and what they are selling in their practices...the only problem with the diet that I have heard about was the higher risk of urine crystals forming..basicly giving the cat a UTI.  It's the most common in orange male tabby's...which is what my little Harker is...and like i said..he has been just fine and hasn't ever had one {knock on wood!!} as long as the diet is regulated correctly..I see no problems with it..but Im' not a vet!  Just a vet assistant!! Good Luck!!!)

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