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24 Diner is a Bust
Alin7 Posted at 2009/12/15 5:23pm reply to

Posts: 56
I was so excited about 24 Diner at 6th and Lamar, in the space where Waterloo Bar/Grill was, finally opening. The space is gorgeous,  had high hopes!

It's totally lame, y'all.

One vegan menu item under the "Burgers" section called, get ready for the wit....."Vegan". It's a baguette with roasted tomato, arugula and lemon vinaigrette. Yep. That's it. For $9.45.

No tofu scrambles on the breakfast menu and all the salads have cheese. Menu is super meat heavy.

I guess we'll just have to hope Snack Bar improves so we can enjoy some yummy diner food.
mollyjade Posted at 2009/12/15 6:30pm reply to

Posts: 447
Is the baguette made out of gold? That's a ridiculous price for those ingredients.
VeganExplosion Posted at 2009/12/15 7:04pm reply to

Posts: 442
That sucks! Big time!

At least they aren't trying to sell me biscuits and golden(!!) gravy like snack bar.
My little country Granny is turning in her grave at all the sudden b&g faux pas. Golden gravy! On biscuits! for cripessake!

Did they have any other vegan items or snacks?
I feel like new restaurants just feel the need to serve vegan food without actually quality checking their vegan items. *sigh* oh we have bread and some random vegan scraps? Let's put it together and call it a plate!
jen Posted at 2009/12/15 7:05pm reply to

Posts: 1075
does it come with any sides like fries?  i think the sandwich actually sounds kind of good, but the price is steep for just veggies on bread.  i think though if it had fries i could be happy having lunch/dinner there;-)
HappyVegan Posted at 2009/12/15 7:14pm reply to

Posts: 79
Went there the other night and told them that I was vegan.  The chef ended up making me this really awesome braised red cabbage dish, a massive portion of really terrific brusselsprouts with caramelized onions and a salad with all kinds of cool toppings.  Since I didnt pay for dinner, I have no idea how much they charged for the plate, but it was really good
VeganExplosion Posted at 2009/12/15 7:17pm reply to

Posts: 442
Brussels you say? Sweet!
Alin7 Posted at 2009/12/15 10:04pm reply to

Posts: 56
That's cool, HappyVegan! But with all the vegan-friendly places in town 24 Diner isn't on my radar at all. Much too meat-heavy, I'd worry about cross-contamination and them not being informed on what "no animal products" means. I wonder if the baguette is even vegan? Maybe they'll change their menu as they figure things out. And add a Happy Hour ferchrissakes!

The sole item for us on the menu does come with a choice of sides. But for 10 bucks some tomato and greens ain't cutting it for me. Not with so many amazing options in town.

Crystal, being of Southern decent myself, I love white country gravy. But I'll take what I can get and am grateful for the options at Snack Bar and Counter Culture. happy
VeganExplosion Posted at 2009/12/15 10:33pm reply to

Posts: 442
Being someone who hardly says anything negative about any food or restauraunt, I feel like I can have a gravy rant once in awhile. I only expressed that as relief because we've been experiencing that so much (even though I didn't know about CC's b&g).

zvezdy Posted at 2009/12/16 9:27am reply to

Posts: 394
Dear VeganExplosion,

Totally agreed on the gross gravy at Snack Bar. It looked and smelled like the liquid at the bottom of a cat food container. Biscuits and gravy should be made of love and flour. I want to try the B&G at Counter Culture though. There's only up from here.
Gabriel Posted at 2009/12/21 8:29am reply to

Posts: 833
Strange, because my biscuits and gravy at Snack Bar were really good.....
Daniela Posted at 2010/01/06 2:05pm reply to

Posts: 396
Just went to 24 diner with some coworkers and had the vegan burger. They make it themselves so I was extra curious. Tasty french fries (they use sea salt which is nice), but their burger was too pricey for the lack of taste ($9.45+tax). It all looked pretty though but I probably won't go again until they come up with more vegan options.
Ross Posted at 2010/01/06 2:16pm reply to

Posts: 4574
Damn! 9.45?? was that just the burger or with fries included?
Daniela Posted at 2010/01/07 3:09pm reply to

Posts: 396
Fries included.
nutmeggy Posted at 2010/02/13 11:06pm reply to

Posts: 64
We ate at 24 Diner for the first time tonight... I liked the Vegan quite a bit. The lemon vinaigrette was tasty and seemed to be the right amount and the roasted tomato was GOOD. It was massive, thick slices of perfectly roasted tomato... sweet and delicious. The arugula was umm.. normal arugula.

I was kind of scared of the patty because it's housemade from beets, golden flaxseed, pumpkin seed, lentils, and maybe something else I'm forgetting. I've never been hot on beets so I wasn't sure how it would go, but I was impressed that it was 'real' food, not isolated soy protein or whatever that you usually find..

The patty was actually good despite being able taste the beets. It wasn't overwhelming though and the toppings complimented the flavor. I asked for roasted mushrooms and caramelized onions to be added. The mushrooms were tender button mushroom halves (not slices) and the onions were plentiful.

I only had two complaints..
One, it was messy. The patty was pretty soft, so it sort of squished out of the sandwich when I took a bite. The consistency was close to the Snobby Joes from Veganomicon.
Two, $9.45 does seem expensive... but it was a big portion (both fries and burger) and the ingredients seemed to be of good quality and pretty nutritious. They source some of their produce from local farms, including the arugula.. I kind of feel that the price is justified though it still hurts to pay $10 for a veggie burger.

I dunno, it was a unique vegan burger offering... I liked it.
Daniela Posted at 2010/02/14 11:02am reply to

Posts: 396
I'm glad some people like their vegan burger. I thought it was flavorless just looked pretty but maybe I just need to eat less salt and grease.
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