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TV show "bones" - special episode
DRiot Posted at 2009/11/07 1:15am reply to

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The newest episode of "Bones" features factory farming footage obtained by Farm Sanctuary, and fox is also helping to encourage people to donate to the sanctuary.

Emily Deschanel (a vegan) requested the footage for the show, which is pretty cool happy

You can watch the episode for free online at Hulu via this link: (keep in mind this link will die in several weeks, as they only post 5 trailing episodes of the current season on their site).

Here's the press release:

Craig? Posted at 2009/11/07 8:54am reply to

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awesome!  I didn't know she was vegan.
Ripe Tomato Posted at 2009/11/07 2:31pm reply to

Ripe Tomato
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Everyone in my house loves Bones, and we all gather to watch it when we're home.  We all thought this episode seemed like a gift from the writers to Emily Deschanel, which was cool. And although some of the plot exposition was kind of lame, it was really trying to point out how horrible many aspects of factory farms are for chickens--in the process of trying to find the cause of death, they talk about the different kinds of torture each animal has to endure.  It was a pretty fair portrait of animal rights people, although I wish someone could show AR people who are compassionate without being fringe or being negligent of human feelings. It's really cool that veganism is really getting a lot of mainstream press directly from vegans lately with this, the Jonathan Saffran Foer book and press, Natalie Portman, the Top Chef Masters episode with Zooey Deschanel, Woody Harrelson's vegan twinkie in Zombieland, and even Jones Soda company jumping on the vegan bandwagon.

It was interesting to see Emily's character, who is hyper-rational and a forensic anthropologist, not understand AR or the desire to stop factory farming, since, in my opinion, both are the most logical reactions.

Emily seems really cool, and in the past I've heard her talk about the vegan food she eats on the show--the characters often gather at a diner, and her character is a vegetarian, but they sometimes have to make things like vegan mac and cheese for her.
travisnichols Posted at 2009/11/07 10:00pm reply to

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Jacob Posted at 2009/11/11 10:45am reply to

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I saw the episode last night and loved it.  It was great to see such a strong animal rights message in a show like that.  I think it's probably the biggest animal rights message I've seen in a fictional drama TV series.  
I do kinda wish that the woman trying to get people to buy a pig was instead trying to get people to go vegan... maybe next time.
VeganExplosion Posted at 2009/11/11 3:47pm reply to

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