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Interviews needed!
CaitWitt Posted at 2009/11/03 8:35pm reply to

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Hello fabulous vegan Austinites,
My name is Caitlin, and I'm a journalism student (graduating in December, woo!) at the University of Texas. For one of my final projects, we had to pick a topic to present visually (through photos and video), aurally and textually, and I would love to document the vibrant and active vegan community here in Austin. My younger brother, who is a vegan himself, directed me to this wonderful community. If any of you are able to meet with me in the next week and a half so I can ask you a few questions, I would be forever grateful. If you are interested, feel free to respond here or to contact me via e-mail at caitwitt AT gmail DOT com, and we'll set something up! I hope this is the right board to place this message. Thank you all so much for your interesthappy
Rock on,
peter Posted at 2009/11/03 8:51pm reply to

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Welcome to the board, Caitlin.  No worries about posting your message here.  I'm sure there's plenty of folks here that will be happy to answer a few questions.  I'm happy to do it myself, but I'd like to open up the opportunity up to anyone else who is more articulate or more active in the scene than me.  Anyone?
bpmojo Posted at 2009/11/04 10:58am reply to

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email sent.
CaitWitt Posted at 2009/11/10 9:46pm reply to

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Thank you ALL for your interest in my project; I have met quite a few of you now and have had the best time learning about you all, this community, and vegan life in Austin. I can't take on any more interviews at this point, but I might come back for other content submissions, and I will *definitely* post a link to the finished presentation when it's completed in about three weeks. Thanks again for your responsiveness, and I hope to join you at future meetupshappy
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