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the salvage vanguard theatre
kelsi Posted at 2009/10/14 7:33am reply to

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are there any good bars around there (manor and airport in east austin) that are open on sundays?  michael and i wanted to get some drinks before we go see evil dead the musical.  i searched on google, nothing came up, but then i saw that my favorite bar spiderhouse did not come up listed as a bar either.  so i thought that maybe there are others.
John Posted at 2009/10/14 10:06am reply to

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there's red house on manor, a little further west but still east of i-35. there's also longbranch inn on 12th.
cut and paste Posted at 2009/10/26 7:18pm reply to

cut and paste
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Bust, I wish I would have seen this earlier. I live really close to where you were Kelsi. Next time you're in the area here's some places and get in touch!

There's Liberty on E. 6th that I've been going to a lot lately. There's also Rio Rita and Shangrila down the street from there. Near there is also the Scoot Inn on 5th?  

The Long Branch is close by on Cherrywood/11th but off of Manor you can always go to Thunderbird Coffee (formerly Clementine)for beer. They have 12 or something on tap.

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