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Casa de Luz
Pandi Posted at 2009/10/09 12:24pm reply to

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I got this in an email, they are bringing back the pancakes.

We are pleased to invite you to join us for the return of Sunday Brunch.
11:00am-2:00pm, $12.94+tax, Buffet Style, Every Sunday at Casa De Luz.
Offerings this Sunday October 11th:

Carrot and Ginger Soup
Salad w. Casa Dressing
Migas w. Mochi
Pancakes & Fruitsauce
Black Bean w. Suncheeze
Medium Brown Rice w. Vegetable
Baked Sweet Potatoes w. Walnuts
Greens w. Herbed Tahini Sauce
Pickled Red Cabbage w. Lemon
weigand Posted at 2009/10/09 12:57pm reply to

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When I went there last (a couple months ago), I was surprised to see that they had changed from a buffet / cafeteria style to a sort of pre-selected entree style.

Before (about a year ago),  you would just get a tray and load up a plate with whatever stuff was there, and then go back for seconds if you wanted.  But recently they switched to a system where they bring you a plate with the meal already on it. And I think you can make yourself a salad and get some tea. But you can't load up your own plate with the meal stuff.

I much prefer the old way of doing it, where it was all buffet style and you selected whatever you want.  Have they gone back to that at all?

Obviously I don't get down there very often. I'm in the NW / Arboretum area.

- Steve
Ross Posted at 2009/10/09 1:29pm reply to

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Did you go for brunch or just a normal meal? Because at normal meals, they bring your plate out to you.

Now if only they would start using tofu again for the guatemalan tacos, the mushrooms are pretty weak
weigand Posted at 2009/10/09 2:39pm reply to

Posts: 539

Yeah maybe it was a normal meal. I forget now.  In the past, I've only done weekend brunches there. This might have been a time when there was a holiday or something, so I went on a weekday. Maybe. Either way, it took me surprise. I guess if weekend brunches are still buffet style, that's cool.  I'll have to go back again sometime soon.  Their pancakes were good.

- Steve
John Posted at 2009/10/09 4:17pm reply to

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na, i heard that they got rid of the buffet for brunch now although i've not been in a while so i can't confirm. it seems like someone posted about this here a while back. it was a response to casa seeing it's customers as both over-indulging and wasting food. i say fooey to that angry
Craig? Posted at 2009/10/09 11:01pm reply to

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I may have fucked it up for everyone.  I used to go stoned out my mind and eat 5 plates of food.  sorry.  (never wasting food though.  I ate that shit. it ROCKED.)
bpmojo Posted at 2009/10/10 12:05am reply to

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this is real. I am 100% sure and know. so don't worry. there will be all the buffetz.

Jacob Posted at 2009/10/10 5:28am reply to

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I'll be there :P~~~~~~
Gabriel Posted at 2009/10/10 9:09am reply to

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The only meals that Casa ever did buffet-style were the weekend meals and some holiday meals.  About a year ago (more or less), they ended the buffet because they said it encouraged overeating and was contrary to the health philosophy they were trying to promote.  They are bringing the buffet-style brunch back only on Sundays, according to their Facebook.  

Honestly, though, their pancakes leave much to be desired.  I usually like everything else they have on Sundays.  I fucking love their walnut sauce.....hehe, I said "'nut sauce"awesome....
Ross Posted at 2009/10/10 11:19am reply to

Posts: 4574
Yeah I think their pancakes kinda suck.
John Posted at 2009/10/10 12:10pm reply to

Posts: 496
hey jeff, why don't you chime in on your thoughts about casa's pancakes?

Daniela Posted at 2009/10/10 12:15pm reply to

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seems a little pricey for brunch...
Ripe Tomato Posted at 2009/10/10 12:36pm reply to

Ripe Tomato
Posts: 460
I never understood the hoopla over the disappearance of the brunch buffet; most people were insanely wasteful (I don't care about people choosing to overindulge, though, if they want to, it's their perogative. We all want to splurge sometime.) and it's not like Casa limited the amount you could eat, you could still go back for seconds or thirds or fourths, you just had to ask at the counter like at regular meals.

I am curious about tofu/soy products coming back, though. The mochi migas sound interesting, but maybe too chewy for meas migas (is it tortilla, tofu and mochi, or just tortilla and mochi??). I always liked having the black beans and suncheese with tofu migas and brown rice. I thought their migas were perfect, and have missed them, but then I prefer my tofu migas kinda dry, never saucy.

Their walnut sauce is amazing. I could never get the secret out of anyone--I think they said it was just skinned walnuts and ume su, but I haven't been very successful at skinning the walnuts, and my attempts have been okay, but nothing like their sauce.

I've only have the pancakes hot with sauce once, and they were okay that way, but I prefer them cold and plain or with some kind of nutty sauce.
weigand Posted at 2009/10/10 1:18pm reply to

Posts: 539

I guess the reason I prefer the buffet style approach is because I feel more in control, more relaxed, and I don't have to wait to be served.  The point to having a buffet isn't so much the all-you-can-eat aspect, although that is appealing to many people.  It has more to do with choices and deciding for yourself what you're interested in eating at that particular moment - the selection and the portion size.  That's important to some people, especially if you bring non-vegans with you (as I often do) - taking people out of their comfort zone can be alleviated by empowering them to make their own food choices.

It's mostly psychological.  And as for the waste involved, they could just tell their customers to be careful about it. "Take as much as you want, but eat what you take, please."  Very simple message, and I think most people would make an effort to do so.

The prices there are debatable. At $14/plate, it's not bad in my opinion. Especially for the fact that it's vegan, non-GMO, organic, and macrobiotic. That's its appeal.  I personally don't find the food there to be as delicious as what I've had in non-macrobiotic places, but that's just my bias, and I go there most of the time when I'm in the mood to eat something a bit healthier. If this was any other city other than Austin, it wouldn't work, because there are tons of other options for much less, and in general people don't care all that much about getting non-GMO, organic, macrobiotic food.  Obviously they're still in business, so it means there's demand here in Austin for that kind of food at that price.  So they're okay on that front.

My opinion anyway.

- Steve
dangillotte Posted at 2009/10/15 12:19pm reply to

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I love Casa, but miss their tofu items and it bums me out that they have a link to that quack "Dr." Mercola on their web-site talking about the dangers of soy. But give me some greens and suncheese any day!
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