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Vancouver Canada
HappyVegan Posted at 2009/10/05 9:34pm reply to

Posts: 79
Hey all,

Im going to Vancouver for a couple of days to visit family for Canadian Thanksgiving. I've gone on to Happy Cow to check out the local vegan restaurants, but does anybody have any other suggestions?
travisnichols Posted at 2009/10/06 10:04pm reply to

Posts: 186
Bandidas Tacqueria!!! get one more taco than you think you can eat.

Gorilla Foods!!! (raw - i recommend the pizza thingy with pineapple. i forget what it's called)

Cafe du Soleil!!!!!!!!! (there's a great veggie burger that has tofu and pineapple on it!) really good. really good.

i love vancouver. i love it so much.
Amelia Posted at 2009/10/07 11:27am reply to

Posts: 361
I'm assuming you mean Canada and not Washington... because I have some good places in PDX to recommend.
HappyVegan Posted at 2009/10/07 11:32am reply to

Posts: 79
Yeah, across the border.  First time I'm traveling on my American Passport!  
HappyVegan Posted at 2009/10/09 7:30pm reply to

Posts: 79
My aunt took me to this amazing restaurant called Naam  Awesome!  They had deiya cheese as an option on there too, and the Reuben was totally divine!
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