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shape note singing
kelsi Posted at 2009/08/19 5:59pm reply to

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anyone want to join me for some sacred harp singing on sunday the 30th from 9-3 at the waldorf school?  there is going to be a potluck at lunch time, i emailed the person setting it up and she said that theres usually veg*n food there, so thats a plus!!

heres a little bit about sacred harp:

i've never been to a sacred harp singing before, i've only done it in music class for a couple minutes, so we can help each other figure it out.  i think it'll be fun!!
Craig? Posted at 2009/08/19 10:17pm reply to

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I will admit.... I love that music can even move the Jesus lovers/believers.  we actually do have a common ground, somewhat.
kelsi Posted at 2009/08/21 7:39am reply to

Posts: 105
i tried explaining to my boyfriend that one can sing sacred harp and enjoy it without being christian, but he wasnt buying it.  i just want to feel the floor move.  and sing at the top of my lungs.
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