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Found on the firehouse table
mattabo71 Posted at 2009/07/11 8:19pm reply to

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Texas Beef Council

Dear Firehouse No.12,

On behalf of the 150,000 beef producers across the state, The Texas Beef Council would like to thank you for serving and protecting our community. In addition, in light of the recent book, "The Engine 2 Diet", we want to provide you ,as key influencers in the community, with the most accurate, science-based information on lean beef.
Included with this letter are grilling tools, an ultimate grilling guide, and some nutritional info about beef. Many Americans continually receive mixed messages about beef nutrition. As an industry founded on science, Texas' beef producers promote lean beef in the context of an overall healthy diet including all of the food groups recommended in the USDA dietary guidelines for Americans and the food guide pyramid. <.....more b.s. mentioning the AHA ,29 kinds of lean cuts of beef, and how we need all the amino acids, blah, blah... I'm too tired to type it all........>
Also included with this letter is a lean, fully cooked brisket from H.E.B. We hope the firefighters at firehouse no.!@ will enjoy a nutritious lean beef meal on behalf of Texas Beef Producers. You are our local heroes and we want to honor you and thank you for all you do.

Best Regards,
Stacy Bates, R.D.
Nutrition Manager
Texas Beef Council

Can you believe that? Can you imagine a world where Veg-heads had that kind of money and influence?
Amelia Posted at 2009/07/11 8:30pm reply to

Posts: 361
The vegan firefighters were the ones who arrived to help us when our co-op caught fire - can you imagine the coincidence?
peter Posted at 2009/07/11 9:44pm reply to

Posts: 1535
"As an industry founded on science..."

::rolls eyes::

Geez, man, that's a crazy letter.  That book must have really scared them!  It's crazy the lengths corporations and other organizations will go to protect themselves.
travisnichols Posted at 2009/07/12 7:00pm reply to

Posts: 186
bbut how do yall get yalls protenes ??
Ripe Tomato Posted at 2009/07/12 11:12pm reply to

Ripe Tomato
Posts: 460
This is such bullshit!  I know that many (most? all?) of the vegan firefighters started eating a vegan diet for health reasons, but to completely go against a group's personal beliefs in such a hostile way is not only totally disrespectful, it's fucking outrageous.  

Would they send a lean, fully cooked brisket from HEB to a Buddhist temple?  Or would it be acceptable for someone to send a ham to a high-profile Orthodox Jew? Hell no, it would be seen as totally hostile and inappropriate. As it should, because it damn well is.

Founded on science? Fuck no.
kelsi Posted at 2009/07/12 11:28pm reply to

Posts: 105
"As an industry founded on science..."  is so vauge.  what does that even mean?  
posirich Posted at 2009/07/13 12:49pm reply to

Posts: 277
make no mistake, there's definitely a war being waged against vegetarianism. I hear the "go meat!" cheer on the radio every hour it seems (hillshire farms beer brats), and that's just the latest one.
Daniela Posted at 2009/07/13 1:58pm reply to

Posts: 396
@mattabo71: can you please provide the link where it came from so i can tell others about it? thanks
mattabo71 Posted at 2009/07/13 8:54pm reply to

Posts: 446
>@mattabo71: can you please provide the link where it came from so i can tell others about it? thanks

It's not from a link -- it's from a paper letter mailed to my firehouse -- I just copied it down here.

BeccaGreenIsland Posted at 2009/07/14 2:39am reply to

Posts: 284

This actually really pisses me off, I mean its one thing to send stupid "literature" but to actually send a cooked brisket??!! I think this is grounds for a bombarding of vegan literature and studies to the Texas Beef Council and a series of nasty letters, phone calls, etc letting them know that their low blow tactics will not be tolerated and how their gift of brisket was seen purely as an insult, did they do this to all the firehouses? Wonder what Rip Esselstyn said about it??
Daniela Posted at 2009/07/14 11:05am reply to

Posts: 396
@mattabo71: thanks. i didn't know you were a fireman. geez, you should blare off a letter to them saying, no thanks assholes!!!
MuffinMama Posted at 2009/07/14 12:40pm reply to

Posts: 1
HOW AWFUL and completely rude.   Someone should teach the Texas Beef Council some manners.   Since when is a passive aggressive an effective method of pushing your monetary agenda. Bleck. I can't even believe how unacceptable that is.    
Georgeous Posted at 2009/07/14 6:40pm reply to

Posts: 295
That's insane! There's no point in just repeating what everyone else has already said, so I won't, but I am in complete agreement that sending meat to a vegan is not only a waste of time and money, but disrespectful and arrogant. We should do something about it.
(BTW- this only makes me despise beef more. heh heh)

edited to say i have to retract my statement- i repeated everyone else anyway lol
jron Posted at 2009/07/15 9:16am reply to

Posts: 3
If you don't have the Engine 2 diet yet, you should get it.
Rip is an inspirational guy and some of his recipes have
become a regular part of my diet.  I hope to see the day when
eating beef will be shunned in public, much like smoking is today.
Anyway we can dream!
Bea Elliott Posted at 2009/07/15 12:55pm reply to

Bea Elliott
Posts: 1
Seems like Engine 2 is thus far successful!  Obviously the meat industry finds a healthy plant based vegan diet a threat.  For once --- they're right! happy
Jacob Posted at 2009/07/15 1:44pm reply to

Posts: 2479
Did they really send your firehouse a cooked brisket or was it a giftcard for a cooked brisket?  It would be weird to send cooked food in the mail, especially when you don't expect it.  Did they send those to all the firehouses in Austin?

It's obvious that they are becoming more and more scared.  With the popularity of the Engine 2 diet book, and the show Goode Family, the Texas Beef Council is starting to lose Austin.  Since they are starting to fight back, we'll have to fight back harder.  I think it's about time for a Spiral Diner in Austin.
Gabriel Posted at 2009/07/21 10:23am reply to

Posts: 833
We should have PETA send vegetarian starter packs to all of the firehouses. happy
erick Posted at 2009/07/21 4:06pm reply to

Posts: 208
It sounds like the The Texas Beef Council is say, "Please eat some meat, PLEASE! Our jobs depend on it!"
Gabriel Posted at 2009/07/25 3:33pm reply to

Posts: 833
>It sounds like the The Texas Beef Council is say, "Please eat some meat, PLEASE! Our jobs depend on it!"

I wish that were true.  There are still plenty of meat-eaters out there.....
cridget Posted at 2009/08/02 2:47pm reply to

Posts: 85
this is actually a good letter. it has fear written all over it. which is exactly how the TBC should be feeling right about now.
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