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More cats in urgent need of adoption
Stella Posted at 2009/05/05 8:03am reply to

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All of these cats are in urgent need of adoption, facing euthanasia, at the Town Lake Animal Shelter in Austin.

You can see them on the TLAC web page (make sure you look at "All" animals under "Adoption"awesome:

TLAC is open 11:30-5 on weekends, and 11:30-7 weekdays. The address is 1156 W. Cesar Chavez, Austin, TX 78701.
Ivan the Wonderful

If you think you know of someone who might just be looking for an outdoor calico, a pair of amazing Russian blue cats, or a huge and sleek black panther, pass these links along. You have to do it immediately -- these cats have no tomorrow at the shelter.

The tragedy of the city shelter is that hundreds of wonderful animals pass through every week, and no one is actively looking for homes for these animals. The task falls on the shoulders of already-overburdened rescue groups.

Look at these animals and if you can think of someone to tell, or if you can visit and do your own assessment, please do it.

The kittens are literally pouring into the shelter, and resources focus on them.
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