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Moving to Austin in Jan, LOTS of ?'s
vegansuperman Posted at 2009/05/01 2:57pm reply to

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I'm moving from Charlotte, NC to Austin in January. I've been vegan since I was 22 or so (I turn 35 in a few months). I don't have a car, I rely on a scooter and public transit. I'm HOPING to meet cool area vegans online over the next few months and learn some info about the best places to live, the best places to shop and work, the best places to hang out, and have some cool people interested in meeting me when I get there. Look forward to hearing from you...
peter Posted at 2009/05/01 3:16pm reply to

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Hello and welcome. We've had a bunch of people ask about Austin on the board. So I don't repeat myself, here's a recent thread.

Austin's a pretty cool place. It's got a lot to work on, but I still like it. I would recommend checking out the "grocery" and "restaurant" sections on the site, or just searching the board. Our group tries to do one restaurant visit and one potluck a month (plus other non-official stuff), and they are pretty kickass, so there's definitely a good social network here. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
vegansuperman Posted at 2009/05/01 4:09pm reply to

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thanks! I read that entire thread, and it was definitely helpful! I wanted to start posting and having conversations on this site because it seems like a lot of like-minded people are already discussing things important to me, and I hope to show up at one of your meetings as soon as I get to Austin and put faces with names and have new friends! awesome! on a side note, Charlotte sucks for live music, but I did see Dinosaur Jr the other night...short show, they quit before 11pm, which sucked, but all my favorite bands generally play Chapel Hill and Asheville...I am SO looking forward to the famous Austin music scene!
ahhhlookout Posted at 2009/05/01 4:56pm reply to

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yo! is a great resource if you don't already know about it.  The Austin Chronicle is also a good resource.  It is a weekly circular.  Austin rocks!
vegansuperman Posted at 2009/05/01 5:47pm reply to

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I'm salivating: will be my current obsession. who cares about a place to live and a job if you know you can see awesome live bands??
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