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New person. Also: shoe question.
RockOpera Posted at 2009/02/19 8:39pm reply to

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Hi everyone.  I just joined, and figured I should do a "Hi everyone" post.

I've been in Austin pretty much my entire adult life, but have only been vegan for the past couple years.  

I need to buy new shoes, and for years I've just been buying the same model of New Balance sneakers.  Now it's time to replace my shoes again, and I suspect that most sneakers are non-vegan.  Does anyone know a good place to shop for vegan sneakers?  I'm worried about mail ordering shoes that don't fit well.

I need something I can wear as a teacher, so I can't just get Crocs...
peter Posted at 2009/02/19 9:02pm reply to

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Welcome! has an awesome return policy - free shipping both ways. Also, I've never bought from them, but has a huge shoe department.

If you don't mind something cheap, Payless is known for having non-leather shoes. They do wear out pretty quickly, though. I've only gotten sneakers there - I'm not sure about dress shoes.

I know this doesn't apply now, but if you ever need decent running shoes, there's RunTex.

I'm not sure of any others. Any other ideas, guys?
Ross Posted at 2009/02/19 10:41pm reply to

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Welcome! I actually just got some vegan etnies the other day at Journey's at Barton Creek mall. They're the digit smu's (gray ones), and are made out of a synthetic suede material. They also have some ipath and macbeth shoes there if you like that style. Whole Earth has simple brand shoes, they've got some vegan variations (And a good bit of non-vegan ones)
Brian Posted at 2009/02/19 10:54pm reply to

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RockOpera Posted at 2009/02/20 7:30am reply to

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Thank you for the advice!

I'll go check out Journey's shortly.  :-)
DRiot Posted at 2009/03/16 11:14pm reply to

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Tom's shoes, from Whole Foods. Love!
bpmojo Posted at 2009/03/17 12:28am reply to

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Most Toms have leather in them, but a few don't and I think are labeled the "vegan" ones... Idk about the ones from whole foods...
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