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Vegans and vegetarians needed for survey
lynseykromo Posted at 2009/01/14 12:47pm reply to

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Hi guys,

I am Ph.D student at The University of Texas at Austin studying how vegetarians talk about being a vegetarian. Little research exists on this topic, and, as you are a vegetarian, I am very much hoping to get your insight and the insight of any vegetarians you know (e.g., friends, members, customers, volunteers, family, etc.). When you get a chance, will you please go to and participate in this short survey? If you would forward this email to your friends or post the link to your blog or website, that would be amazing!! I am trying to capture the experiences of as many vegetarians across the country as possible by February 1, 2009. At least 250 vegetarians are needed for this study. For the purposes of this study, a vegetarian refers to someone who doesn't eat meat, but eats dairy and/or eggs, someone who is vegan, and someone who is pescatarian.

Please contact me at or 512-299-6231 with any questions, for additional information, or to receive a copy of the survey results.
Thank you so much in advance!
Lynsey Kluever Romo
Ph.D. Candidate, The University of Texas at Austin
Amelia Posted at 2009/01/14 3:09pm reply to

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A pescatarian is not a vegetarian, anyway you slice it.
Susie Queue Posted at 2009/01/14 10:47pm reply to

Susie Queue
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>A pescatarian is not a vegetarian, anyway you slice it.

peter Posted at 2009/01/14 11:25pm reply to

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>A pescatarian is not a vegetarian, anyway you slice it.


I'm still filling out the survey, though.
Ross Posted at 2009/01/14 11:52pm reply to

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From the sounds of it, though, if this is about the socio-psychological subject of describing yourself as vegetarian, it could also include how pescatarians refer to themselves as vegetarian, and so could be pertinent in that regards.


K, filled it out happy
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